DI EPC Alliance - Your Gateway to Global Opportunities

The Danish DI EPC Alliance is an alliance between DI, global EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), Danish companies, Denmark’s Export & Investment Fund, and international banks.

The DI EPC Alliance’s aim is to ease the process and create opportunities for Danish companies to participate in large engineering, procurement, and construction. Both private and public actors may offer EPC projects.

As a member of the DI EPC Alliance, your company has access to major global infrastructure, construction, and industrial projects, including power plants, roads, chemical plants, and building facilities etc. Our systematic and collaborative approach with global EPCs ensures that Danish companies of all sizes have a chance to participate in global opportunities. We strive to eliminate barriers experienced by small and medium-sized firms when participating in large international EPC projects.

We work closely with Denmark’s Export & Investment Fund who provide government-backed export credit support. This joint venture streamlines the financing process for the major turn-key projects and offers substantial benefits for all parties involved.

The DI EPC Alliance connects Danish companies with large-scale turn-key projects worldwide
Why your company should join the DI EPC Alliance:
  • Gain valuable insights into new EPC projects and market opportunities
  • Expand your business in emerging markets globally and access a broader range of projects beyond your traditional geographic or market focus
  • Expand your global network and acquaintance with international players
  • Improve your chances of winning bids with matchmaking opportunities for relevant international projects
As a member of the DI EPC Alliance, you'll have access to:
  • Exclusive information meetings and matchmaking and trade-fair events with global EPCs
  • Initial insights on new global projects and opportunities
  • Personalised support and counselling
  • Support in structuring a project with Denmark’s Export & Investment Fund who also promotes you as part of a competitive Danish offer, based on an AAA-rated, reliable, flexible, and competitive Export Credit System

Join the alliance and start your global expansion today.


Are you a global EPC'er or aggregator interested in joining our network to get in touch with Danish suppliers? Please contact us directly. By joining our network, we will help you get in touch with relevant Danish suppliers for your projects as well as the Danish Export credit Agency for attractive financing. 

Cindy Ingrid Christensen

Cindy Ingrid Christensen


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Emil Stub