Network - International Managers

A network for international managers working in a professional Danish context.

Are you an international manager working in Denmark? Are you looking for inspiration, knowledge and best practices to improve your managing skills in a professional Danish context? Then DI network for international managers is for you. We help you to connect with like-minded professionals across the world working in Denmark and take your global managerial skills to the next level.

Become a member and get new inspiration and a network to help you succeed!

We help each other succeed

DI's Network for International Managers gives you the opportunity to share your professional experience with other global managers working in Denmark and you can discuss managerial challenges in a safe space. By joining the network you will get the opportunity to meet other managers with diverse experiences and backgrounds who can inspire you developing new management skills and methods. In collaboration with members and our experienced facilitators you will:

  • get an understanding of the Danish work culture and what it means for you
  • get new perspectives on your management practices and inspiration to develop new leadership competencies
  • build a great network

DI has a solid experience in facilitating meaningful networks and our facilitators will make sure that you get the most out of your participation.

How it works

This is your chance to stop, reflect and think ahead. You have now the opportunity to share your experiences and challenges with highly qualified and experienced members, all willing to help you – and we hope that you are too.

Together with the other network members and in close collaboration with the networks facilitators you will choose which themes you would like to focus on during the meetings.

We take care of all practicalities so you can focus on what´s important for you. In between the meetings you will be able to reach out to other network members and get sparring by logging on our digital platform.

Examples of topics covered during the meetings:

  • Cultural Agility
  • Nordic Leadership Styles
  • The Challenges of leading in a Danish work culture
  • Leading diverse teams
  • The Danish model

This is how we do it

  • six meetings a year; two physical meetings and four online meetings
  • The two physical meetings start at 4pm and ends at 4pm next day. Participants will stay at the meeting venue for a night.
  • One of the physical meetings will be held in Copenhagen and the other one in Aarhus.

Meet the facilitators

Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard

Chef for DI Global Talent & Mobility

  • Mobil: +45 2374 4244
  • Direkte: +45 3377 3809
  • E-mail:

Virginie Morlet


  • Mobil: +45 5151 4404
  • Direkte: +45 3377 3167
  • E-mail:
Elli Vittas

Elli Vittas


  • Direkte +45 3377 3124
  • Mobil +45 5218 5922
  • E-mail