Inflation Reduction Act – impact on Danish clean tech companies

The Confederation of Danish Industry, in collaboration with Menon Economics, invites you to a seminar that will give you further insights into how the US climate package, the Inflation Reduction Act, will impact Danish and European clean tech compacts within wind, PtX and battery.


President Biden's new climate legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), is a game changer for financing the green transition. At the seminar, Menon Economics will be presenting their findings from a comprehensive analyses of the climate legislation for key industries in Europe, including offshore wind, Power-to-X, and battery production, all of which will play crucial roles in the green transition. Menon’s report compares the IRA with the support levels in the European Union, as well as national support in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, and Germany. While there are differences in the support levels for various technologies, the report indicates that the support provided through the IRA is significantly higher than the support offered in Europe.

The seminar will take place on Friday, 9 June at 8:30-10:00. You can register for either physical participation or online participation. During the seminar, we will discuss the implications of the IRA and EU support packages for green investments in both the US and the EU, as well as what the IRA signifies for the international trade system in the years to come.

Jonas Erraia (Jonas Erraia - Menon Economics) is a partner at Menon Economics, a Norwegian consulting firm. He serves as the lead partner on projects related to international economics and global trade. Additionally, Jonas has conducted analyses on the green transition, with a focus on PtX, battery production, offshore wind, and critical minerals. He is the primary author of Menon's report on the IRA, which was prepared on behalf of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).