Critical Infrastructure in Africa

It is our great pleasure to invite you to a seminar on Critical Infrastructure in Africa at DI, co-hosted by Africa Innovation Network, Monday the 17th of April.

Across the African continent, critical infrastructure is changing in response to the needs of a growing, frequently young population.

A multitude of services, assets and networks make up our critical infrastructure – from energy, water, digital infrastructure and ICT systems, financial services or transportation to food, security, emergency services, healthcare, and governmental services. Many Nordic companies offer capabilities, products and solutions fit for the infrastructural needs and demands in African markets. We believe this event will further allow these companies to share experiences and further increase involvement in the African markets.

For more information and to sign up, please click here.


09:45 - Registration

10:15 - Welcome

10:45 - Information Communications Technology / Digital infrastructure, by Red Flash Mobile

11:15 - Transportation & Logistics, by DSV Air & Sea

11:45 - Lunch and networking

12:30 - Public Health & Healthcare, by Novo Nordisk

13:30 - Coffee break

14:00 - Food & Agriculture, by CT Technologies

14:30 - Water & Sanitation, by AVK International

15:00 - Networking reception