Blockchain Business Bridge 2021

The partners behind Blockchain Business Bridge hereby invite professionals from Danish food, pharmaceutical, and medical companies to a three-day workshop with focus on blockchain applications in China.


China’s more than 350 million middle class citizens are becoming increasingly quality and health conscious. At the same time, Chinese regulators are stressing the importance of applying blockchain technology to safeguard consumer safety by ensuring that objects stored in the public ledger are immutable, trusted, and secure from malicious attacks. Consequently, several regions in China have recently issued preferential policies for the application of blockchain technology in the food and life science industries.


Danish food and life science companies are projected to benefit significantly from this development. But gaining a competitive advantage requires a deep understanding of the Chinese market. The workshop offers you a unique opportunity to learn about commercial and regulatory aspects of working with blockchain application in a Chinese context. Top keynote speakers and mentors offer insights about solution development, business development, fundraising, innovation ecosystems, legal compliance, and much more.

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