CIIE 2021

In its very short lifespan, CIIE has already now proven to be the most important Chinese exhibition for Danish food, supplements and beverages companies.

Based on our experiences from 2021 - where we had  more than 30 companies exhibiting on 500 sqm - the pavilion at CIIE will be focusing on a number of sectors related to the food industry—F&B, Ingredients, Supplements and Agri Business.

An increasing focus on sustainability brings new opportunities.

The Danish Pavilion is organised by the Confederation of Danish Industry in co-operation with the Danish Consulate General in Shanghai and with Food Nation as our branding partner for the pavilion.

The Danish Pavillion receives 75 per cent funding from the The Danish Trade Council. 

Your company is welcome to join the Danish Pavilion if you have a Danish VAT number and your company is working with food, ingredients, supplements, beverages or agri-business .

CIIE is an all-round sourcing platform where valued buyers will meet high-caliber suppliers and provide your company an opportunity to elevate business in China. As the key exhibition event in China, the Danish Pavilion at CIIE is relevant for companies working with:

Agri Business Equipment, Beef, Beverages –Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic, Bakery Products - Biscuits, Bread, Butter Cookies, Cakes and Off Bake & Cereals, Coffee & Tea, Confectionery - Candy & Chocolate, Dairy, Dietetic Products, Eggs and Poultry, Equipment to the Food Industry, Food Oils, Frozen Food, Fruit Products - Concentrates, Dried, Fresh, Jams, Juices, Marmalades, Pulp, Smoothies & Spreads, Herbs & Spices, Ingredients, Meat, Milk Powder, Mineral Water, Nutrients, Organic Products, Pork, Seafood, Seasonings and Condiments, Soft Drinks, Supplements and Vegetables.

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  • CIIE is a must-attend event for Danish companies interested in doing business in China
  • CIIE provides a two-way channel for
    global companies to enter the Chinese market and for Chinese State Owned companies to seek international partners
  • Expected to attract more than 150,000 Chinese professional buyers and participants from more than 100 countries
  • Official statistics show the last CIIE
    concluded with the value of intended deals exceeding $70.2 billion


  • A turnkey solution for your company with a walk-on area fully equipped with counters, chairs, tables, shelves, lighting, wall-to-wall prints, and access to shared
    storage room and meeting area
  • Joint PR promotion activities in the Danish Pavilion organised by the Danish
    Consulate General in Shanghai
  • Coordination of joint freight, customs clearance, hotel reservations and travel proposal
  • The Confederation of Danish Industry provides assistance in all aspects related to your participation

The 75 per cent funding from The Danish Trade Council is already approved and it is included in the price. Maximum DKK 75,000 funding per company. Your company can join the pavilion by signing up for one of the following area options:

DKK 18,000 for Small area (6-9 sqm )
DKK 36,300 for Mid-size area (12 –15 sqm )
DKK 48,600 for Large area (15-18 sqm)
DKK 85,500 for X-large (23-27 sqm)

All areas include basic furniture, lighting, TV and prints on all walls as well as access to a shared storage room and a shared service and meeting area with a manned cafe.

The top construction of the pavilion is made by LED screens and you can use it for company videos. Together with the Danish Consulate General in Shanghai and in dialogue with all participating companies we will develop joint PR, promotion and meeting activities in the Danish Pavilion.

Also included in the price is a VIP dinner in Shanghai where the exhibitors can invite guests .

Deadline for binding registration is Friday 1 April 2022. We will not be given the exact location of the pavilion before the registration deadline. The final design of the pavilion will depend on the location within the exhibition halls. All companies signed up will be involved in the process of creating the Danish area at CIIE. Sign up via the button to the right. 


Flights and hotels are not included in the price. But, we will together with BCD Travel make a travel proposal for hotel and flight which you are welcome to use. Together with Blue Water Shipping we will share a joint transport proposal for goods which you are also welcome to use.


The Confederation of Danish Industry’s 
Chamber of Commerce can help you and your company with an ATA Carnet. As a member you will save 50 per cent of the price. The ATA Carnet is a document permitting temporary duty-free and tax-free export and import of goods (up to one year). Using a carnet is the easiest way to speed through Customs and save money. Please contact DI Chamber of Commerce, who are ready to help you with your ATA Carnet and answer your questions.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE