Webinar: Coronavirus & Trade in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A status of the current situation in The Middle East by H.E. Ambassador Fahad Alruwaily

The coronavirus outbreak has jolted markets, disrupted supply chains and caused significant uncertainty for business decision makers around the world. This has also affected the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) where the first case of COVID19 was registered 2 March in Eastern KSA when a Saudi national came back from Iran via Bahrain. Since then, governments across the region have taken an array of actions to protect their citizens and contain the spread COVID-19.

This webinar offers you and your company a quick overview of:  

  • future perspectives in the frame of the COVID-19 pandemic, how it affects the country,
  • how the fall in the oil prices affects current and future investments
  • a short status on Saudi Aramco
  • Danish FDI’s in KSA


  • H.E. Ambassador Fahad Alruwaily
  • Jens Holst-Nielsen, Market Director, The Confederation of Danish Industry