Join the Business Delegation to Indonesia and Singapore

Join the delegation led by Danish Minister for Environment, Lea Wermelin, which will focus on waste – and water management, sustainable energy solutions and circular economy

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In February 2020, you and your company have the opportunity to create meaningful business relations in Indonesia and Singapore. Danish Minister for Environment, Lea Wermelin, will lead this delegation with the purpose of showing how Danish companies could help solving the sustainable development and green transition challenges in the two countries.

The Indonesian Market 

Sustainable development and green transition are key challenges in South East Asia in general and for Indonesia in particular. This is among other factors due to the country’s huge population of +260 million people and being the 2nd largest emitter of plastic in the world.

Denmark has already different strategic sector cooperations with Indonesia both at national and regional level. This delegation aims to further expand our engagement and explore concrete business opportunities for Danish companies.

In recent years, Indonesia has put a great focus on waste-to-energy solutions to reduce the huge amount of waste. This yields great opportunities for Danish companies to contribute with their expertise on waste management solutions, incineration, organic waste and biogas.

Water challenges and wastewater treatment will be addressed both at seminars and at meeting with local authorities in Jakarta, where there will also be a site visit to an industrial water plant.

Indonesia is in the middle of the World’s largest coast protection project, which among other things consists of a 32 kilometers long wall and 17 man-made islands. The ministry will present their master plan and you will have the opportunity to pitch your solutions.

The Singaporean Market

In Singapore, the demand and challenges are different. The country experiences a rising threat of floats, while the general water supply is also challenged.

Singapore is in the middle of a comprehensive upgrade of their waste management, building modern integrated waste management facilities, where Danish companies already contribute – the delegation will include a site visit to one of these plants. The country aims at 70 per cent circular waste management – reaching these goals requires cooperation with and solutions from foreign companies and authorities.   

Who should join?

The focus areas are Danish strongholds within:

  • Waste handling including biomass, biogas and waste to energy solutions
  • Water treatment, groundwater handling and reuse of water, sponge cities

All areas where Danish companies are active in South East Asia and know to supply state of art water and waste solutions.

You will get

Led by the Danish minister this delegation will open doors and set the framework for future cooperation between Danish companies and the authorities in both the countries. The ambition is to create the best possible platform for penetration the immense market for water and waste solutions.

More specifically you will get:

  • Opportunity to take part in two seminars in both Jakarta and Singapore showcasing Danish strongholds
  • Access to key decision makers and the opportunity to build important relationships
  • Interesting site visits to Danish projects in Jakarta and Singapore
  • Fresh insights in plans for future water  and waste infrastructure