Delegation to Indonesia and Singapore with the Danish Minister for Environment, Lea Wermelin

You and your company have the unique possibility to create meaningful business relations in Indonesia and Singapore with the purpose of solving the sustainable development and green transition challenge in the two countries by taking part in this delegation with the Danish Minister for Environment, Lea Wermelin.


The perspective and cooperation 

The sustainable development and green transition are key challenges in South East Asia in general and for Indonesia in particular, due to its huge population of +260 million and being the 2nd largest emitter of plastic in the world.

Denmark has already different Strategic Sector Cooperations with Indonesia both on a national and regional level. The purpose of this delegation is to further expand our engagement and explore concrete business opportunities for Danish companies.

The focus areas of this delegation are Danish strongholds within water treatment, waste handling including biomass, biogas and waste to energy solutions. Moreover, the Danish initiated the Sustainable Island initiative will be launched.

The programme 

The programme is under preparation. It will consist of a combination of seminars, roundtables and site visits to highlight Danish strongholds and solutions within the above-mentioned areas to Indonesian and Singaporean stakeholders.

The one-day Singaporean visit will focus on water management where Danish companies are involved in solving the shortage of water supply, flooding and wastewater management in Singapore.

The delegation to Indonesia and Singapore will take place from Monday 24 to Thursday 27  February and is carried out in close cooperation with the Danish Embassies in Indonesia and Singapore.

Please let us know if you have any preferences regarding the delegation. We always want to engage in a dialogue with you on how we can create the best delegation corresponding to your needs. 

Price and participation 

We expect support from the Trade Council. Additionally, we expect a participation fee of about DKK 15,000 exclusive of travel and accommodation costs.

You will soon receive a detailed programme. We would, however, be very pleased if you are able to express your interest already now to Mr. Ole Linnet Juul.

Bente Kruckenberg

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