Energy Trade Mission to Turkey

Turkey's energy sector is set to experience significant capacity and generation growth over the next 10 years, supported by the government's ambitions to reduce dependency on imported thermal feedstock. The time is right for Danish companies to grow or establish in Turkey. DI and the Danish Consulate General in Istanbul invite you to participate in this energy delegation to Turkey.

In Turkey, energy demand is expected to increase by 4–6% annually until 2023 where there is 77 % dependency on imported energy sources. Therefore, the government has initiated ambitious plans to generate two-thirds of its electricity from local and renewable resources by 2023. As a part of the ongoing efforts to promote renewable energy, the government has committed to double the capacity of installed solar and wind power by 2027 and to invest around $110 billion in the energy sector.
Turkey is one of the fastest growing energy markets among the OECD countries. However, only 26% of the energy demand can be supplied by domestic resources, making the country heavily depend on imports. Naturally, a large part of the budget will be aimed towards improving energy efficiency, which sets the country on course to implement a reduction of 14% of the primary energy consumption by 2023.

Turkey represents a huge potential for Danish companies. Turkey needs Danish solutions, and Danish companies have the expertise, know-how and technology, to meet Turkey’s demand. You should join to exploit this opportunity and gain first-mover advantages.
Participating companies will gain unique access to high-level meetings with authorities from the Central Government, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and municipalities—all bodies that influence the regulatory and institutional environment around the RE sector; auctions, grid management, future regulations for local and international companies.
The delegation will provide the optimal framework for discussion on the future cooperation between Danish companies and Turkey.

Danish companies can expect this from participating in the trade delegation:

  • Access to key stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Learn and act upon the smart city action plans of the municipalities
  • Relevant B2B and B2G meetings
  • Site-visits to RE plants targeted your company’s interests
  • VIP networking reception.

The Turkish government has identified several areas of action within the energy sector. Therefore, companies involved in the following sectors should participate:

  • Wind industry and other renewables 
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and industry
  • Waste-to-energy using biomass and industrial waste
  • District heating and cooling
  • Heat pumps
  • Energy storage
  • ESCO financing model.

Denmark and Turkey have an official collaboration agreement on energy – exchanging best practices in regulation and implementation of green transition measures i.e. in energy planning, district heating, energy efficiency and wind energy. This trade mission builds upon the contacts, goodwill and experience from this programme.

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