Foodex Japan 2025 offers an unparalleled platform for Danish food and beverage companies to explore opportunities in the dynamic Japanese market.

Japan stands out as a lucrative market for Danish food and beverage companies, given its robust economic outlook and growing demand for high-quality international products. The food-service sector is experiencing rapid growth, with Tokyo alone boasting an annual growth rate of 7%, presenting a promising landscape for Danish companies involved in food-service. The retail and industrial sectors follow suit with growth rates of 4.5% and 3%, respectively, further highlighting diverse opportunities for Danish food and beverage companies.

Japan's dependence on food imports underscores its receptivity to foreign products, with imports accounting for over 60% of its total food consumption. Danish food and beverages, renowned for their quality, safety, and innovation, are well-suited to meet the discerning tastes of Japanese consumers. Premium quality products focusing on sustainability and food safety resonate strongly with the Japanese preference for authenticity and excellence.

With more than 75,000 visitors during the four exhibition days, FOODEX JAPAN is one of the largest exhibitions for food and beverages in Asia. It serves as the main event for imported food and beverages in the eastern part of Asia. By joining the Danish Pavilion at FOODEX JAPAN 2025, you gain access to the best platform for positioning your products to high-end buyers, distributors, and food professionals from retail, food service, and industry.

Read more about Foodex 2025 here: FOODEX JAPAN 2025 "The 50th International Food and Beverage Exhibition 

Not only is it the biggest exhibition in Japan, but it's also important for Korean buyers. While most companies joining Foodex focus on the Japanese market and buyers, don’t be surprised if you return with more Korean business cards than Japanese.

Similarly, Korea offers enticing opportunities for Danish companies. The Korean food-service industry is experiencing rapid growth, with increasing demand for diverse and high-quality international cuisines.

The retail sector is also flourishing, driven by changing consumer preferences and an emphasis on premium and specialty products. Moreover, Korea's industrial landscape presents opportunities for collaboration and innovation, with a focus on technological advancements in food production and distribution.

Korea's reliance on food imports, which account for a significant portion of its consumption, underscores the potential for Danish products to make a mark in the market. With a shared appreciation for quality and innovation, Danish food and beverage offerings resonate strongly with Korean consumers seeking authenticity and excellence.

A turnkey solution for your company with a fully equipped booth including counters, chairs, tables, lighting, and wall-to-wall prints. Also included is access to a shared storage room with shelves, a coffee machine, a water dispenser, and a fridge.

For the shared areas, the only difference is that it is a turnkey solution for your company with an open plug-and-play booth area, own counter with logo, shared meeting facilities, light, electricity, and shared service facilities together with all of the exhibitors.

Coordination of services provided by the exhibition organizers, including an exhibition catalog, rental/building of special furniture, and equipment rental. Matchmaking events organized by the fair management, setting up business meetings ahead of the fair with 40 selected key accounts.Coordination of joint freight, customs clearance, hotel reservations, and travel proposals. Danish Industry and Bio Aus Dänemark will provide assistance in all aspects related to your participation.

Alcoholic Drinks, Beef, Beverages, Drink Mixers, Bakery Products - Biscuits, Bread, Butter Cookies, Cakes, Off Bake & Cereals, Coffee & Tea, Cocktails, Confectionery - Candy & Chocolate, Dairy, Dietetic Products, Energy Drinks, Eggs, and Poultry, Food Oils, Frozen Food, Fruit Products - Concentrates, Dried, Fresh, Jams, Juices, Marmalades, Pulp, Smoothies & Spreads, Herbs & Spices, Ingredients, Meat, Milk Powder, Mineral Water, Nutrients, Organic Products, Pork, Seafood, Seasonings and Condiments, Soft Drinks, Spirits, Supplements, and Vegetables.

Flights and hotels are not included in the price, but we will suggest accommodations and can connect you to BCD Travel should you wish. Together with Blue Water Shipping, we will share a joint transport proposal for goods that you are also welcome to use.