EXHIBITION: Join the Danish Pavilion at FOODEX JAPAN 2019 - the main event for imported food and beverages in the northern part of Asia.

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With more than 72.000 visitors FOODEX JAPAN, is one of the two largest exhibitions for food and beverages in Asia. By joining the Danish Pavilion at FOODEX JAPAN you get the best platform for positioning your products to buyers and food professionals representing more than 127 million Japanese consumers and further hundreds of million consumers in South Korea, Taiwan and China who all look to Japan for trends within the food and beverages sector.

The pavilion is organized by The Confederation of Danish Industry together with Bio aus Dänemark and with The Danish Agriculture & Food Council as co-organizers.

Market facts

Japan imports 60 per cent of their food and agricultural products making the country the third largest importer in the world. The Japanese market for food is a lucrative high-end market with a value of approximately 2,574 billion DKK. At the same time, Japan has a very low food self-sufficiency of only 39%, and is therefore critically dependent on imports.

There are three key factors affecting food exports to Japan. Japanese consumers in general are very curious in relation to imported products and see them as being of a high quality. Furthermore, the strong yen exchange rate has boosted food imports from foreign countries to Japan and helped increase the attractiveness of foreign food products. Japanese consumers are renowned for their demand for high quality food and for a high level of food safety for imported products. The Danish level of food safety and quality gives food products from Denmark an advantage on the Japanese market.

The Danish Pavilion at FOODEX is the best platform for your company to start up new business or maintain existing customers in Japan and its neighbouring countries.

Being part of a joint pavilion is an effective and cost efficient way for your company to attract potential customers. Furthermore, it will offer networking possibilities and an opportunity to exchange knowledge with exhibitors with similar interests in Asia.
The Danish Pavilion will be built with a distinct Danish identity. All walls will feature wall-to-wall prints of pro-duct photos and your company logo printed on the front — all included in your price.

Who should join?

FOODEX JAPAN 2019 is the best platform for any company within food sectors who wants to strengthen their market profile or explore business opportunities in Japan.

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