Japan offers great opportunities for Danish companies in the healthcare industry

Soon, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Japan and the EU will come into force. Along with an already signed Memorandum of Cooperation in Health by the Japanese and Danish Ministers of Health, followed by the fruitful Royal visit to Japan in 2017, there is a unique opportunity for Danish companies to explore and exploit trade and cooperation within the Japanese Health sector. 

The Confederation of Danish Industry and the Embassy of Denmark in Japan invite you to revisit the Japanese healthcare sector with a delegation to gain knowledge of and build trade relations to the Japanese health sector.

Japan has become the second largest market for pharmaceuticals, taking up 11,7 per cent of the global market and imports exceed DKK 5,000 m. The new trade agreement opens up for opportunities attractive to Danish companies who whishes to enter the Japanese market. From the EPA, three things should be emphasised:

  • The agreement will increase Danish export to Japan with up to 70 per cent. (Copenhagen Economics)
  • The agreement has a strong focus on SMEs, easing the process of entering the market.
  • Japan has increased its focus on easing the barriers of imported products in the healthcare sector.

The EPA will allow for more European companies to bid on public procurements in Japan at the same level as the Japanese companies. Public procurement of private products and services amounts to 13 per cent of Japan’s GDP. This will give Danish companies access to the possibilities in relation to Japan’s aging population and the country’s increased focus on the development of a sustainable and modern healthcare sector with better pharmaceuticals and more welfare technology.

Read more about the EPA here.
Read more about the Memorandum of Cooperation in Health between Denmark and Japan here.

The program will be tailored to the participating companies and their ambitions and challenges in the Japanese market. Because of the agreement between Japan and Denmark, the Danish embassy in Japan has improved access to Japanese healthcare authorities. You will get:

  • Unique access to Japanese healthcare market
  • Meetings with government stakeholders
  • B2B with Japanese healthcare companies
  • Visits to hospitals and nursing homes

Please, see the invitation for more information on the program.

This trade agreement - along with the healthcare cooperation agreement between Japan and Denmark - creates a very fertile ground for Danish companies to expand their businesses in the Japanese healthcare market. Denmark is particularly seen to have a competitive advantage within:

  • Welfare technologies
  • Telemedicine
  • Doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient technologies

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