Indonesia – a broad perspective on South East Asia’s largest economy

The Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Embassy in Indonesia invite you to partake in an online overview of the Indonesian overview with the Danish Ambassador to Indonesia.

The webinar will, in particular, focus on the market opportunities, political forecast, reforms for investment and employment, Indonesia Investment Authority/ sovereign wealth fund, green transition, and regional trade agreements such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (signed by the ASEAN countries) and the EU-CEPA negotiations.

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, with over 270 million inhabitants and a GDP per capita of 4,135.57 USD. By 2022, the IMF forecasts a further economic growth of 6 percent.  Furthermore, with a steep increase in urbanization, Indonesia is also one of the most emerging markets globally. With such rapid changes in the Indonesian market and more open political agendas, the Indonesian market is notably attractive for companies offering products or solutions towards the Indonesian green transition and other regional trade possibilities.

Get unique insights from the Danish Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Lars Bo Larsen, and gain the possibility to ask questions directly during the Q&A session of the webinar.

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