Meet China's Ambassador

We are happy to invite you to an exclusive dialogue meeting with China’s ambassador to Denmark, H.E. Feng Tie.

After three years of disruptions, China is paving its way back to normalcy. The economy is recovering, but the impact of the country’s comprehensive Covid-19 lockdowns can still be felt. In particular when it comes to boosting consumer confidence and foreign investments. 

At the same time, an increasingly strained political relationship with the United States is a threat to restoring China’s attraction as a business hub. Companies from across the world still have an eye for China’s market and supply chain potential. But many are nervous about committing to a country that could be on a confrontational course with the established global order. This concern is shared by the Danish business community. Bilateral trade between Denmark and China is dropping for the first time in decades.

How is the situation looking from a Chinese perspective? What does China’s government hope to achieve in terms of re-bonding with Denmark and other European countries?

Ambassador Feng offers a candid assessment of these and many more issues. You also get the chance to learn about upcoming Denmark-China activities, and to enjoy some refreshments with other network members.