Join our exclusive inspiration tour to China

Experience. Understand. See for yourself! China is back in business after three years of lockdowns and tight controls. Companies are eager to resume activities, and regulators are doing what they can to lure foreign investors back to the market.

The geopolitical landscape has, however, changed significantly since the initial Wuhan outbreak. China is now seen by many as a disruptor of the established world order. Some are worried that growing tensions with the U.S. will eventually decouple the world’s two largest economies. Others are concerned that the war in Ukraine could spill over into a similar conflict in Taiwan.  

On the Sense China Tour 2023, we take a careful look at the present state of China, and we examine how Danish companies can navigate in the stormy waters between opportunity and risk. We invite you to come to China and find out for yourself by offering an exclusive experience filled with interesting people, cases, discussions, and culinary treats.

The tour helps you to find answers to four critical questions:

  • How does your business model fit in a Chinese market under transformation?
  • How do you find the balance between opportunity and risk in China?
  • How do you manage operations in a politically sensitive environment?
  • How do you leverage technology to increase the customer experience?


€2,900 Euro - the price does not include flight ticket to China.
10 per cent discount to members of Sense China Network.