Work in progress! Shopping Lines to Vietnam and Thailand 2020

Join this project-based delegation where your company will take part in tailormade and targeted B2B meetings.


SAVE THE DATE: In recent years, the Confederation of Danish Industry has - together with Denmark’s Export Credit Agency (EKF) - organized Shopping Lines to Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Now, we bring the concept to two of the most important food and agriculture nations in South East Asia: Vietnam and Thailand. Globally Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies with a free trade agreement with the EU, whereas Thailand has one of the most developed and diversified agriculture sectors in the region.

The shopping line concept

Shopping Line is an innovative concept aiming at building bridges between Danish companies and key players in the local food and agriculture industry by providing attractive finance options for the buyers.
The objective of the delegations is to match Danish companies - delivering equipment, solutions, know-how and technology - with the buyers involved with the food and agriculture industry in Vietnam and Thailand. This includes equipment related to primary production, abattoirs, processing, storage, logistics, cleaning etc.

EKF makes credit lines to the targeted local companies to be utilized when buying technology and equipment from Danish companies. They simply get a credit card for multiple and independent purchases from Danish suppliers. Attractive financing through the Shopping Line initiative may well prove to be of decisive importance for Vietnamese and Thai buyers when choosing Danish suppliers.

Why join?

By joining this project-based delegation your company will take part in tailor-made and targeted B2B meetings with 3-5 companies in each country already assessed by EKF, international banks and the Embassies of Denmark in Vietnam and Thailand. You well get a profile in the Exporter Catalogue presented for a wide range of buyers in Vietnam and Thailand. The catalogue will be used for matchmaking to set up B2B meetings with important decision-makers from key food and agriculture companies.

Work in progress

The work of this Shopping Lines delegation is still in progress. However, if you think it sounds interesting, please contact Søren Falck (contact information below) or Marek Lyngbye Zandberg, EKF) at mlz@ekf.dk or +45 2019 4517.

The tentative timing is as follows:

February-March 2020: Screening of local companies by EKF
March-April 2020: Sign up for the Exporter Catalogue
May-June 2020: Matchmaking with Exporter Catalogue
August 2020: Delegations to Thailand and/or Vietnam with tailor-made B2B meetings

The price will be DKK 19,800 for both Vietnam and Thailand, where an already approved 50 per cent support from the Danish Trade Council is included.

Michelle Puck Nielsen

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Søren Falck

Questions regarding content

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