Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet

Join the business delegation to Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet, 7-9 January 2024

Referring to the previously sent out save the dates, DI would like to inform you that Danish Participation in Vibrant Gujarat10-12 January 2024, has been CANCELLED due to the unavailability of any Danish minister to lead the delegation to this, mainly political, event

However, DI has, in close collaboration with the Danish Embassy in New Delhi and The General Council in Bangalore, decided to set up a business delegation to attend the first-ever Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet from 7-9 January 2024 in Chennai.

Danish Companies are very active in the state of Tamil Nadu. Denmark will become a Partner country at the event, which will provide a very good frame for setting an agenda and convening specific and relevant seminars.

Thus, we will elaborate and work on a programme covering:

  • Renewables
  • Water
  • Foreign company establishment and investment 

Further details will be given at a Teams Meeting on Wednesday 29 November at 9:30-10:30 (Cest)