Uzbekistan: Opportunities in Energy, Renewables, Water, Waste, Clean-tech and Related

Virtual Export Delegation with Market Briefing and One-to-One Business Meetings, Uzbekistan: One of the World’s Most Promising Frontier Markets

Following the implementation of major social and economic reforms in favour of international trade and investment, Uzbekistan has transformed into an attractive, stable yet unexplored country with significant market growth opportunities for Danish companies. 

Benefits of Participation

  • Gain a better understanding of this promising new market and opportunities for Danish companies in energy, renewables, water, waste and clean-tech sectors
  • Learn about the sector specific opportunities including project tenders and contracts in line with Uzbekistan’s privatisation and modernization efforts
  • Benefit from pre-arranged virtual one-to-one business meetings with key decision-making authorities and private sector business executives in Uzbekistan
  • Benefit from shared market insights and learnings by European Case Study (SUEZ)
  • Early stage EKF involvement to secure financing of potential projects
  • Participants will be provided a recording of the market briefing after the webinar, which can be shared amongst colleagues

Business Case Study and Sector Opportunities

The World Bank is very active with 22 projects totalling over 4 billion USD, making the country program for Uzbekistan the second largest in Europe and the Central Asia region following Turkey. Moreover, EBRD has invested €1.85 billion through 79 projects in Uzbekistan’s economy. With support from the Uzbek Government, AIIB, EIB, and EBRD are committed to promoting the development of the country’s private sector and a sustainable energy transition, including in the areas of renewables, water, waste and clean-tech sectors.   

Examples of current sector specific opportunities explored during the virtual delegation, include the below listed projects, to name a few: 

  • EUR 142 million 7-year contract between French SUEZ and the Municipal of Tashkent to upgrade the water services and management systems for the capital city (Business Case Study: Subcontracting opportunities for Danish companies).
  • European Investment Bank (EIB) has allocated loans to the Uzbek Government of 200 million euros ($224 million) to improve water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, as well as the energy efficiency of local enterprises.
  • World Bank approved $239 million for financing of water services and sanitation (WSS) infrastructure, institutional support project
  • Uzbekistan has launched consultancy tenders to deliver technical advisory services for the redevelopment and overhaul of the solid waste management systems (SWM).
  • Recently approved "Concept of Providing the Republic of Uzbekistan with Electric Energy for 2020-2030 which intend to increase the total capacity from 12.9 GW to 29.3 GW, and power generation from 63.6 billion KWh to 120.8 KWh, including investments in modernization and reconstruction of existing power plants, energy-efficient technologies, improvement of electricity metering systems and the development of renewable energy sources.
  • Uzbekistan aims to increase the share of renewables in electricity generation to at least 20 percent by 2025 and minimum 25 percent by 2030. Today, this figure is around 10 percent. E.g. including large-scale wind farms and 3.8GW of hydropower.
  • Ongoing tender stages for EBRD supported construction of a 1,000 MW of wind farm.
  • District Heating Energy Efficiency Project for Uzbekistan with approved World Bank commitment amount of US$ 140.00 million.

Why Participate?   

Participation in this digital delegation will enable Danish enterprises to explore the sector relevant market opportunities in Uzbekistan in direct dialogue with key government official decision-makers, experts, and private sector senior executives at leading Uzbek companies.

The delegation will have a particular focus on opportunities in energy, renewables, water, waste management and related clean-tech sectors, using the recently signed 142 million euro 7-year contract to upgrade the water management system in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital, won by French Suez, global leader in water and waste management, as a case study for Danish companies looking to explore the wide opportunities in the country. 

Danish companies will leave the delegation with clear ideas on market strategy and the right relationships to take the next steps to establish their business in Uzbekistan, with financing clarifications from EKF (Danish Export Credit Agency).

Webinar Program

One-to-One Company Meetings

Virtual one-to-one company matching meetings with senior decision-makers in Uzbekistan will be coordinated by the organizers after the webinar. In advance, the organizers will help each Danish company participants identify relevant Uzbek private sector enterprises or government agencies that could prove particularly valuable. This could also include SUEZ representatives.

Market Overview

Uzbekistan is one of the world’s most promising economies and growing emerging central Asian markets. For the last four years, the Uzbek government has embarked on an ambitious reform effort, which has included currency liberalisation, financial sector reforms, and improvements in the ease of doing business. These steps have led to growth in both trade and foreign direct investment as multinational companies re-enter a market that had been effectively closed for a decade.

Uzbekistan has a diverse economy with a large agricultural and industrial sector. The country’s key sectors have traditionally been state-owned enterprises. Enabled by financing from the country’s large banking sector as well as international lenders such as the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Uzbek companies are seeking to modernize their operations in order to improve competitiveness of exports in the global market. This modernization drive represents a significant opportunity for Danish companies to provide world-class technologies.

Uzbekistan occupies a strategic location at the heart of Central Asia and with a population of 34 million is the most populous country in a wider region that is home to over 70 million. Despite the COVID-19 downturn, the International Monetary Fund predicts that the Uzbek economy will continue to expand this year—at 1.8%—before rebounding to 7% growth in 2021. Uzbekistan was lauded as one the world's top twenty most improved economies for ease of doing business, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 report. It was also named “country of the year” in 2019 by The Economist.

The World Bank has rapidly scaled up its support to Uzbekistan since the start of the country’s social and economic transformation in 2017. The World Bank program in Uzbekistan is the second largest in the European and Central Asia region after Turkey, with 22 projects totalling 4.08 billion USD. The program is focusing on economic and institutional reforms, agriculture, health, education, water supply and sanitation, energy, transport, social protection system, and urban development.

The Organising Group

The delegation is organized by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) in cooperation with Nordstrom International with financial support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – The Trade Council, and with support from the Danish Export Credit Agency (EKF), DNA Uzbekistan and Europe-Uzbekistan Association for Economic Corporation. 

Nordstrom Contact

Sofie Nordstrøm
Managing Director
Nordstrom International
+ 44 7411628822


The Fine Print

The price is calculated on a fixed number of companies and a 75 per cent subsidy from the Danish Trade Council. Should this result in a higher price than the one quoted you have the right to cancel your participation. Registration is in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for participation in Export Promotion Events of the Confederation of Danish Industry. Read more.

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