Circular City Week New York is organized by Danish Cleantech Hub in New York and attracts over 4,000 American participants annually. The festival includes more than 50+ different events hosted by European and American organizations. It is to date one of the most targeted platforms for circular solutions to attract attention from American sustainability and industry professionals.

The celebratory program is a unique opportunity for Danish companies within fashion and interior design to showcase products, engage the American design community and develop sales channels.

Hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Cleantech Hub, Lifestyle & Design Cluster, and the Consulate General of Denmark in New York, this program is targeted to help Danish SMVs tap into this growing market demand and assist each attending company with positioning their respective products as innovative and trendsetting.

Activities and program
The program will consist of three different types of activities. You can choose to only participate in the virtual activities, or you can participate in the entire program.

Exclusive workshops on American design
From the official Circular City Week Studio, we will host two virtual workshops - one focusing on circularity in fashion, the other on interior design. The workshops will give an exclusive forum to discuss circularity trends with industry stakeholders in the US.

One-to-one meetings with American customers
As part of the program, we offer that all participating companies can tap into our combined network of fashion and interior design buyers, retailers and customers. Based on your company interest, we will facilitate virtual individual meetings between you and the American counterpart to assist you in your sales and business development efforts.

Circular pop-up exhibitions in New York City
As we hope the COVID-19 situation in New York City continues to allow retail spaces to remain open, we will organize two pop-up exhibitions in SoHo, Manhattan. Buyers, customers and other stakeholders will be able to book time to exclusively visit these two pop-up exhibitions, where you can physically showcase your flagship pieces. A product catalogue will be developed for both physical and online use.

Who should join?
The program mainly targets Danish SMVs working within the field of fashion and interior design, which have created products and solutions based on circular economy principles. These include, but are not limited to, lifetime extension initiatives, circular material choices, take-back schemes, leasing or shared economy business models, upcycling practices etc.

This program is designed to both assist companies that already have a strong presence in the USA and companies looking to expand into the American marketplace. Companies that are not established will be offered workshops on how to enter the market as well as insights into the opportunities and challenges which the market upholds.

Why join?

  • To expand your visibility among central customers and buyers
  • To content specific workshops with highly relevant peers
  • To network and hold B2B meetings with potential collaborators, buyers or retailers

Danish Cleantech hub

Danish Cleantech Hub in New York launches a new and inspiring network for Danish interior design companies which are active players on the US market.
Soak up market specific inspiration to grow your business in the US and easily tap into the collective Danish efforts to grow the interior design industry.
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