Collision Conference 2020

Join North America’s fastest-growing tech conference.


With more than 25,000 attendees, Collision is one of the fastest-growing tech conferences in North America. The conference connects the world’s largest buyers and sellers of technology with the most disruptive emerging technology companies. Common for the disruptive technologies of today is the influence on any industry that they have.

The Confederation of Danish Industry invite Danish companies to join the joint Danish pavilion at the Collision Conference 2020.


Technologies are changing the way consumers and companies behave—and will do so continuously and at a even faster pace in the future. Thus, it is crucial for companies to keep pace with the technological change.

Your company should join the fair, because you get insights and knowledge about the newest technologies and how they are used. Furthermore, you get access to decision makers, potential partners and much more.


The fair is relevant for companies within the tech-industry as well as companies that want to learn more about the following technologies within the scope of their own activities

  • Big data
  • Fintechs
  • Internet of Things
  • AI & machine learning
  • Software solutions
  • Digitalisation
  • Investors and thought-leaders


By participating your company will have a unique opportunity to meet with important actors and companies with the tech industry. Furthermore, you get:

  • To network with relevant actors
  • Access to over 30.000 participants
  • Generate leads in North America
  • To learn about the newest technologies
  • To brand your company through approx. 750 journalists from Bloomberg, Financial Times, CNN etc.
  • To learn about the newest technologies
  • To benchmark your company to some of the world’s most successful company across every sector

Michelle Puck Nielsen

Questions regarding practicalities

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Emil Stub

Questions regarding content

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