Offshore wind in the Northeast United States

Join DI’s Market Preparedness and Establishment Program.

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The offshore wind industry in the Northeast U.S. is developing rapidly. The first large scale wind farm is scheduled to be operational by 2021 and the states have committed to a combined target of close to 16GW of offshore wind power by 2035. A local supply chain must be developed to meet demands of local developers and state authorities. This constitutes an enormous market opportunity for Danish companies in the offshore wind supply chain, but also gives rise to the many questions of taking on a new market.

Why join the program

With the aim of enabling smarter, faster and informed entry and establishment for Danish companies, DI with support from the Danish Energy Agency has developed a tailored Market Preparedness and Establishment Program for companies interested in becoming part of the Northeast U.S. offshore wind supply chain. The intensive management program takes place in both Denmark and the U.S. Throughout the program, participating decision makers will firstly develop the full toolbox and knowledgebase needed to make informed decisions about market entry/expansion. Secondly, the program will equip participants to navigate their sector specific challenges and efficiently manage U.S. operations during a three day visit to the U.S.

Program content

  • Establishment Decisions and Contract Requests
    Understand risks, resources and data needs throughout your U.S. establishment/expansion process to quickly and accurately respond to contract requests from U.S. offshore developers and partners.
  • Strategic Market Selection and Cost Drivers
    Identify what drives competitiveness for your company in a new market based on a flexible data driven tool to map and analyze the differences and attractiveness of states such as NJ, MA and NY.
  • Legal Considerations, U.S. Subsidiary Establishment and Visa Issues
    Provides indepth information on U.S. legal subsidiary setup, corporate tax considerations, import tariffs and how to relocate Danish staff to the U.S.
  • Customer Needs, Partners and Recruitment
    All you need to know about specific offshore wind market issues, including partner selection, unionization and local developers’ contract practices and requirements.
  • Local Content and Investment Climate
    Provides actionable insights into states’ investment incentive schemes and local content regulations.

Participation fee

With support from the Danish Energy Agency, DI is pleased to offer this comprehensive management program for only USD 800 per company excl. travel costs. The program consists of 5+ companies.


If you have any questions or want to join the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Louis Funder
US General Manager
Email: lfk@di.dk
Phone: +1 202 813 2276


Jeppe Falck
Senior Advisor
Email: jefa@di.dk
Phone: +45 3377 3944

Program in Copenhagen

    • Visualizing executive decision making - contract requests and market entry

    • Toolkit workshop: Competitiveness and market attractiveness

    • Toolkit workshop: Local partner selection

    • Next steps and homework before U.S. trip

Program in New York City

    • Seminar: Fast, faster, offshore wind

    • Expert session: Entering a new legislative reality

    • Pitch session: Make the most of local incentives

    • One-to-one meetings with state representatives

    • Breakfast briefing: Establishing your U.S. presence

    • Peer-to-peer learning session: Common market entry challenges

    • Q&A: Becoming an American employer

    • Interactive workshop: Innovation and product adaptation

    • Roundtable: Meet your buyers

    • Lunch and networking with speakers from roundtable

    • Toolkit workshop: Now that we know much more

    • Knowledge exchange: Experiences and key learnings