Export promotion for green hydrogen and Power to X to California 4-8th December 2023

Danish Industry organizes, in cooperation with Danish Chamber of Commerce and Trade Council's energy team in Houston, an export promotion for green hydrogen and Power to X to California on 4-8 December 2023.

The ratification of the infrastructure package got a whopping eight billion dollars to establish at least four Clean Hydrogen Hubs, as well as one billion dollars to support electrolysis technologies.

The funds are channeled through the Department of Energy and mainly through the establishment of six to ten regional hydrogen hubs. The California Governor's Office of Economic Development and a number of other stakeholders have jointly formed the "Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems" (ARCHES), with the goal to attract funding through the hydrogen hub program and to establish a Californian hydrogen hub.

The purpose of the delegation is to secure an export platform for Danish companies and bridge the gap to core stakeholders in the Californian market. This will be done with high-level matchmaking and network meetings, together with Californian authorities, industry organizations, and commercial players from the region.

The promotion will start with a two-day program in Los Angeles at the Catalyst H2 conference located in Long Beach. The conference has a distinct hydrogen focus and an exclusive platform has been secured for the Danish delegation to kick off the week in California. To ensure the best possible network for the delegates there will, among other things, be B2B events and a dedicated “Danish network reception” to ensure access to American stakeholders and to promote the Danish energy transition solutions and technology at large.

Thereafter the delegation is mobilized to San Francisco, where the Bay Area will be explored for the remaining 2-3 days.

Who should register?

The delegation trip to California is relevant for companies that want to expand their opportunities in the US. It is particularly relevant for companies within:

  • Renewable energy
  • Green hydrogen
  • Power to X

Companies interested in building a network of business partners and/or expanding their business horizons, in general, should also participate.

Why sign up?

The decision on which hydrogen clusters will receive support will be taken during 2023.

With a goal of 200 hydrogen fueling stations by 2025, the leading fuel cell market in the US, and numerous ongoing hydrogen production and research projects, California is well positioned to drive the US hydrogen market forward.

The local representatives will, among other things, include the Green Hydrogen Coalition, the main architect behind the conference Catalyst H2. The conference will welcome the Danish companies and act as an introductory platform for the delegation's first days in California. Around the conference, concrete hydrogen projects and leading commercial and public actors from the west coast will play a large role in the program and visibility will be ensured via speaker slots and a possible Danish pavilion/reception. After the end of the conference, the delegation will again head towards other relevant network meetings in the San Francisco Bay area, where several commercial matchmaking projects will be organized in collaboration with the local network.

Tentative Agenda and price

Price DKK 20,000 and includes a unique opportunity to participate in B2B and B2G meetings with American counterparts.

The Fine Print

The price is calculated based on 10 participating companies and a 50 percent grant from the Trade Council

Registration is binding. If the number of participating companies changes, we reserve the right to offer participation at a different price. Should this result in a higher price than the one stated, you have the right to cancel your participation

Registration takes place in accordance with The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) General Conditions for Participation in Export Promotion Events.

Hotel and flight

Flight and hotel are not included in the price. But together with BCD Travel, we will make a travel proposal for hotel and flight, which you are welcome to use.