Danish water and sustainability delegation in Mexico

The Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Embassy in Mexico, and State of Green invite you to join the water and sustainability delegation in Q3 2022. The physical delegation is an opportunity to gain knowledge on Mexican water utilities and to meet important stakeholders within the public as well as the private sector within sustainable housing and water.

Foto: Colourbox

Mexico is a relevant emerging market with 127 million inhabitants living primarily in urban areas in which water and energy services are highly demanded. The water infrastructure in Mexico is managed by more than 2,500 utilities who provide drinkable water, drainage, and sanitation.

A tailor made B2B programme for the water and sustainability sector is an excellent opportunity for Danish solutions to collaborate with Mexican utilities and companies. In Mexico water availability, droughts, climate change, treatment, and efficiencies are pressing challenges, therefore it is a priority to find solutions and partners that can help revert water scarcity scenarios.

The delegation will also visit Vinte, a leading sustainable home developer. A pipeline of 13,500 EDGE-certified Mexican homes before 2030 and an involvement in every step of the process makes Vinte an interesting company to visit for members of the delegation.  Vinte is backed by investments from The Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) as well as other international investment funds.


    • Nuevo León

      A two-day programme meeting with relevant water utility stakeholders, private sector and end users, and the Nuevo León economy and environmental authorities.

    • Mexico City

      A three-day programme focusing on meeting relevant industry and end-users. Water utility and an exclusive one-day-site visit to Vinte infrastructure and B2B meeting for sustainable housing solutions.