Green Hydrogen/ Ptx market in Australia

The Australian Green Hydrogen Sector is moving at a rapid pace, the Australian government and major industry players are positioning Australia as a supplier of Green Hydrogen to the world market.

 Australia is world leading within the development of large scale Green Hydrogen / PtX projects (having 20+ GW-scale projects) with a main focus of exporting the product to Asia and other energy importing regions. Australia is currently the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and in the transition away from fossil fuels, both the producers in Australia and the importers overseas are looking to replace LNG with Green Hydrogen.

The latest report from IRENA (World Energy Transitions Outlook 2022: https://irena.org/publications/2022/Mar/World-Energy-Transitions-Outlook-2022) confirmed the enormous opportunities for Green Hydrogen in Australia as they estimated the country to be one of the world’s leading Green Ammonia (made from Green Hydrogen) exporter by 2050.

Global hydrogen trade map in 2050 (IRENA estimate, optimistic technology assumptions) https://irena.org/publications/2022/Mar/World-Energy-Transitions-Outlook-2022

Australia is developing regional hydrogen hubs for domestic off-take designed to drive the cost of production down, and companies participating in the Green Hydrogen development can both apply for federal and state funding. Key learnings from the market indicate that many of the large Green Hydrogen projects are being developed to a high level before they are publicly announced. This means that major parts of the technology, equipment, etc., supply might already have been locked for many of the announced projects.

New projects are being announced at a very rapid pace, but to participate in these projects, it is essential to be present in the Australian market and for the hydrogen developers to be aware of the Danish competencies.

DI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Australia are therefore happy to invite for this Green Hydrogen export promotion. We can help companies get introduced to key stakeholders both for ongoing and newly developed projects in the region.


    • 08:00 Introduction

      Jens Holst-Nielsen, Director, DI

    • 08:05 General introduction to the Green Hydrogen / PtX market in Australia

      Michelle Carden, Senior Commercial Advisor, Danish Embassy in Canberra / Ronnie Dalsgaard, Senior Advisor, Danish Trade Council in Sydney

    • 08:20 Hydrogen opportunities in New South Wales and development in the region

      Tim McMinn, Manager - Hydrogen Programs, Regional NSW / Michael Probert, Senior Policy Officer, Regional NSW

    • 08:40 Connecting off-shore wind with Green Hydrogen in Victoria

      Jan Ravnholt, Director, DI Australia

    • 09:00 Delegation visit in October

    • 09:15 Q&A