Wind & Power-to-X Delegation, Australia

Join Danish Industry for a Wind & Power-to-X Delegation to Victoria in October, following the announcement of Danish wind development of the coast of Gippsland.

Australia is going full speed ahead with its decarbonisation plans. With coal and gas used to generate 60-70% of the electricity needs of the country, a big part of decarbonisation is development of large-scale energy projects.

Recently, feasibility licenses were awarded for one these large-scale projects, development of offshore wind of the coast of Gippsland, Victoria. Two Danish companies, CIP and Ørsted, were each awarded licenses for separate areas. CIP has been awarded two licences, while Ørsted has been awarded one, and has another pending. Ørsted estimates that their development will result in a total generation of 4.8GW, CIP a total of 4.4GW.

The government has a target of reaching 82% renewable energy by 2030, the transition therefore has to happen very quickly, and several measures have been taken to stay aligned with the 2030 goals. These investments generate great opportunities for Danish companies in the country, coinciding with Danish expertise in green technologies.

Alongside offshore wind in Gippsland, the federal government has announced upcoming tenders for 23GW of new wind and solar generation, 9GW storage, and the first round of the A$2bn Hydrogen Headstart program has shortlisted 6 projects (incl. one CIP project). As a response to the American IRA, the government has just announced a $2/kg hydrogen tax credit together with another $2bn Hydrogen Headstart funding round. In total, the energy sector in Australia is brimming with opportunities. Both for companies able to partake in the tender process, as well as companies further down the supply chain acting as specialised subcontractors.

This delegation trip will be planned to get the latest updates and meet the key stakeholders who are involved with these projects and announcements, centred around All Energy Australia, October 23-24. The trip is especially relevant for companies able to deliver solutions within solar, on/offshore wind, and p-t-x, no matter where in the supply chain you may be.

Please reach out to us with any questions.