District Heating development in Chile

Market potential and collaboration opportunities for Danish Companies

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Latin America Business Forum invites you to participate in this seminar on the 9th of October 2019 (14:30-16:30) at State of Green to learn about District Heating in Chile.


Burning firewood for heating purposes in South-West Chile results in severe health issues and premature deaths. Danish companies have sustainable District Heating solutions to help Chileans gain access to modern energy, reduce health hazards, carbon emissions, and increase quality of life.

The aim of this seminar is to

(1) Raise the awareness of District Heating market potential in Chile for Danish firms by presenting Chile’s current District Heating challenges and look into its future,

(2) Highlight Danish companies’ District Heating solutions, know-how, and role supporting district heating development in Chile,

(3) Highlight synergies and collaboration opportunities with possible Chilean partners. The major expectation is to set the grounds for dialogue between Danish companies and stakeholders in the Chilean market.


14.30 - 16.30

  • Welcome: State of Green & Latin America Business Forum
  • Isauro Torres Ambassador of Chile to Denmark – Overview of Chile
  • Gabriela Prata Dias – Head of Strategy at C2E2, UNEP-DTU Partnership
  • Cristian Cabrera – Director of International Affairs at Fundación Energía para Todos and Guest Researcher at C2E2, UNEP-DTU Partnership
  • Danfoss –The role of Danfoss Foundation for supporting district heating development in LATAM

This seminar is organised by the Latin America Business Forum in collaboration with The Embassy of Chile in Denmark, Centre on Energy Efficiency- UNEP-DTU partnership, and Fundación Energía para Todos.


Confederation of Danish Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and CBS have created Latin America Business Forum as an attempt to change the status of Latin America with the Danish companies. The objective of the network is not to promote Latin America unreservedly. Our goal is to inform about regional opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses, in an objective and professional manner. We believe that Latin America has tremendous untapped potential for Danish companies but we also acknowledge the challenges.