Colombia Shopping Line 2020

Showcase products in B2B meetings with pre-selected high-profile companies within the Colombian pork production industry

The Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency and the Danish Embassy in Colombia invite you to join a Shopping Line Delegation to Medellín and Cali matching you with selected Colombian buyers.

The Shopping Line concept is a tool combining finance and high-level B2B meetings. The concept is made to assist Danish exporters connect and build relations to the right people within the most important companies in the chosen market.

The delegation focuses on the pork production chain and we propose visiting Agropecuaria Aliar; Nutresa; Colanta; Antioqueña de Procinos; Cerdos del Valle; Goloso and have a networking event with Porkcolombia and 10-12 pork companies.


Companies within: Pork / Livestock, breeding and genetics / Agro-industry, feed, stables, ventilation / Food processing technology & bio security / Cooling, storage, quality control & ingredients.


Colombian companies are expanding. We will meet pre-selected Colombian companies, who are invest- ing in new solutions and technologies. By signing up for participation you will get qualified:

  • 1:1 meetings with companies that have already been assessed by EKF and the Embassy of Denmark in Colombia.
  • An update profile in the exporters catalogue
  • Exposure to a long list of Colombian buyers
  • Matched interest with Colombian buyers / B2B meetings with key decision makers.



The selected Colombian companies are listed below. They are some of the largest and most important companies within the Colombian Food & Agricultural sector. The companies operate in the areas of the entire meat value chain and in all meats. For more information about the Colombian companies, please see the attached file.

  • Agropecuaria Aliar - with the trademark La Fazenda - is an integrated agro-industrial company, active within farming (corn and soybeans), pork (primary production, slaughtering and deboning/processing), animal feed and transport.
  • Antioqueña de Porcinos - with the trademark Porcicarnes - has been present on the Colombian market for 30 years. The compa- ny is active in pork production: breeding, fattening, slaughtering, cutting/ deboning and processing.
  • Colanta is a cooperative with approx. 10,000 members and 55 years on the market. The company has five business units: dairy, meat (beef and pork), animal feed, agriculture and services. Their business is split into dairy 70%, animal feed 16% and meat 11%.
  • Credos del Valle was founded in 1998 through the union of pig producers and pork meat retailers. Nowadays, they integrate the whole process from feed production, pork primary production, slaughtering, cutting/ deboning, processing as well as delivery and sales.
  • Goloso is an integrated company active in the pork industry. They produce their own feed for their sows as well as the local farmers from which they buy additional pigs. Goloso operates their own slaughterhouse, cutting/ deboning and processing plant and sell the products in their own stores.
  • Grupo Nutresa S. A. is the leading food processing company in Colombia and one of the most important players in Latin America with direct presence in 14 countries through 46 production plants. The company’s cold cuts business represents a market share of 71% in Colombia and is 20.6% of the total Grupo Nutresa’s turnover

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