Danish Business Pavilion at COP25

State of Green, Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Embassy in Santiago will in collaboration arrange a number of Danish activities and a shared Danish Pavilion in relation to and at COP25 in Santiago.

Polish Minister of Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski, and the Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt, signing of a Memorandum of Understanding at the COP24 in Katowice, Poland.

COP25 - COP of implementation and business solutions 

COP25 in Santiago has the headline “Time for Action”, and the Chile host team has stated that the COP must encourage concrete climate action, ensuring an inclusive process for all parties as well as the formal integration of the scientific world and the private sector. 

  • AUDIENCE: The event is expected to have 25,000 participant daily from close to 200 countries
  • VENUE: The negotiations will take place at the Ciudad Parque Bicentenario in Cerrillos. The summit will employ an area of close to 60 hectares, which will be split into two zones: 1) A blue zone for conferences and negotiations of official delegates of the participating nations, and 2) A green zone for the local public with parallel activities and exhibitions by governmental organizations, businesses and NGOs 
  • GREEN ZONE: The Danish pavilion will be located in the Green zone, where companies and institutions will be able to present the corporate and commercial actions, in front of a professional and specialized public, as well as to the general public. The exhibition will be 12 days with more than 300 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors a day. 

Danish Participation 

State of Green, DI and the Danish Embassy are planning to book 100 m2 in the green zone for a shared Danish company pavilion during the period 2-13 December. The pavilion will function as a platform for the presentation of corporate and commercial action by Danish companies and institutions to the participants in the green zone. The audience in this zone will comprise both the general public as well as a professional and specialized participant.

Why participate? 

Participating companies can display their competencies and solutions to the global climate challenges. As an exhibitor at the Danish pavilion, each company is offered a number of opportunities for exposure of the company brand and solutions. Furthermore, the pavilion serves as a platform to participate in the discussions between all relevant stakeholders present at the COP25.  

The pavilion will be the centre of the official Danish activities at COP25, and its location close to the negotiation area makes it ideal for side events and speakers. An important part of the pavilion will therefore be the companies’ opportunity to plan side events and panels.

You can join the exhibition by signing up for one of the Partner packages:

GOLD PACKAGE (DKK 50,000 excl. VAT)

  • Significant exposure of your company at the shared Danish pavilion
  • Significant exposure of your company in the marketing material and communications from the organizers prior to and during the exhibition days
  • Ownership of a side event session at the Danish pavilion (e.g. a workshop, panel, presentation)
  • Exposure at the shared reception at the Danish pavilion
  • A fully manned booth by the organizers throughout the entire COP25 period


  • Exposure of your company’s logo in the marketing material and communications from the organizers prior to and during the exhibition days
  • Poster/logo spot at the shared Danish pavilion
  • Participation in the reception and other networking activities at the Danish pavilion
  • A fully manned booth by the organizers throughout the entire COP25 period

Prices are based on 50 per cent subsidy from the Danish Trade Council and seven participating companies. Flights and hotels are not included in the price; however, reservations at good rates have been made and are accessible to participating companies. If the subsidy is not obtained, or the number of participating companies change, we reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price.

Several companies have already indicated their interest in participating, and there is room for only a limited number of exhibitors at the Danish pavilion. Therefore, we ask you to register at your earliest convenience and no later than Friday 6 September through the link on this site.