DELEGATION: Hospital Projects in Chile

Chile's Healthcare Expansion lurches forward. This delegation offers a unique opportunity for Danish companies to take part in the expansion process.


Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Embassy in Chile invite Danish companies to be a part of a delegation focusing on new hospital projects in Chile.

It took an earthquake to prompt it, but in 2010, Chile embarked on one of the most ambitious healthcare capacity building efforts ever seen in Latin America. Demands of public health users are changing, along with epidemiological changes, ageing of the population and a noticeable increase in chronic diseases and other illnesses. This requires new and better infrastructure to keep up. Chile needs to increase efficiency to meet the infrastructure requirements of the 21st century.

The Chilean government has announced a wide range of public healthcare infrastructure projects throughout the country. According to the new Chilean Government Program, 30 new hospitals and 120 primary care centers will be constructed before 2022.

A hospital is considered a building with high energy consumption and environmental impact through its lifetime, as it needs to continuously operate every day of the year, for many years. Some Danish companies working on sustainable construction are already present in Chile. Since 2013, one third of Denmark´s hospital capacity is been modernized, focusing on quality of treatment, efficiency, patient throughput, and sustainability. For this reason, visiting Chile and meeting with the different stakeholders in this sector constitute a great opportunity to expand your sales not only to Chile, but also to the rest of Latin America.

Why join

Chile is on everyone’s lips. The country is a regional hub, breathes a dynamic business culture, and displays the highest GDP per capita in Latin America. Furthermore, perched on the world economy, Chile has signed more Free Trade agreements than anyone.

With a population of 17,6 million (2017), Chile is ranked 48th out of 195 countries on Healthcare Access and Quality according to the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015, and 29th out of 163 on the Global Health Index (Bloomberg). In both ranks Chile is, by far, the best positioned country from Latin America.

They need to increase efficiency to meet the infrastructure requirements of the 21st century.

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