Water Alliance Latin America - Argentina B2B Matchmaking with AySA

The session, which is a part of the Danish Water Alliance of Latin America focusses on the opportunities for collaboration with AySA, one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in the world.

Argentine water utility company AySA is the largest energy consumer in Buenos Aires and the fourth largest energy consumer at national level. AySA is one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in the world. The company has 21 wastewater treatment plants, and more to come, to cover their area of some 14.5 million inhabitants.

One of AySA’s key focus areas is energy optimization, and in cooperation with the Danish Embassy they use the wastewater treatment plant, Planta Norte, as a test case on how to improve all their plants in terms of energy efficiency and energy production. Planta Norte is selected as a test plant for energy optimization in the cooperation between AySA and BIOFOS. This way, the close cooperation between Argentine and Danish water authorities and utilities uniquely positions Danish solutions in AySA’s investments in energy efficiency. With presentations of AySA´s plans, the participants in the webinar will get a thorough insight into their plans for energy optimization, with the aim of building business opportunities for Danish companies focusing on Argentina.

THE VIRTUAL B2B MATCHMAKING seeks to gather a group of Danish companies within energy efficiency and energy production. The activities include an export catalogue that display company profiles and case studies of the Danish participants, which will be presented to AySA. Next the delegation seeks to establish a direct dialogue through a series of virtual B2B meetings between Danish companies and AySA representatives.

THE EXPORTERS CATALOGUE shows the core competences of your company and will form the basis of the virtual B2B meetings.

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