Water Business Round table with Mexican stakeholders

The Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Embassy in Mexico invite you to join a virtual Water Business Round table with Mexican stakeholders on both state, municipal and federal level.

Based on a dialogue initiated during previous delegation visits to Mexico and an ongoing dialogue between local stakeholders and the Danish Embassy in Mexico, we are pleased to invite Danish companies to join a virtual round table with Mexican stakeholders on both state, municipal and federal level.

The round table should be seen as the first step to a physical delegation towards Mexico with both IFU, EKF and State of Green as partners during 2021.

In Mexico, more than 2,500 operating organisms provide drinkable water services, drainage and sanitation, around 700 are operating organisms, and primarily, financial and management independent. Population growth and high personnel rotation in government administrations cause the delay of work, maintenance and full operation on the water infrastructure.

Water sanitation insufficiency challenges are pressing in Mexico; Only 58% of the Mexican population has access to daily water at their homes through sanitation systems. Moreover, inadequate sanitation of water represents around 5.8 billion USD per year. It is expected that by 2050 there will be an additional 31 million people living in Mexico. Feeding a growing urban population requires an increase in food production by around 70%, which also means an increase in water extraction with up to 55% by 2050.

Other climate conditions place Mexico under a growing need to better manage and distribute resources before droughts, inoundations, pollution and water treatment.


During the round table session, all Danish companies will have a short 3 min. Pitch for the stakeholders. If the Mexican stakeholders are interested in meeting you in 1:1 sessions afterwards, the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Embassy in Mexico will assist in setting this up.

  • Words by CONAGUA
  • Welcome by Danish Ambassador, Mr. Lars Steen Nielsen & Director in Confederation of Danish Industry, Mr. Jens Holst-Nielsen
  • Presentation on experiences and strengths of the Danish hydraulic sector by State of Green
  • GCF accreditation and sustainability focus perspectives by Banobras
  • Investments for sustainability by IFU, Investment Fund for Developing Countries
  • Tour de table: Challenges and identified needs in Mexico by local operating water organisms and commissions from selected States in Mexico.
  • Financing opportunities and water shopping line concept by EKF
  • Tour de table: Danish industry and applied solutions (3-4 min per company)
  • Q&A
  • Final comments, next steps, event closing


The National Water Commission (CONAGUA) in Mexico is an administrative, technical advisory committee of Mexico's Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). CONAGUA administers national waters, manages and controls the country's hydrological system, and promotes social development.


Mexico's state-owned development bank Banobras provides financing and refinancing to infrastructure and public service projects. It also promotes the institutional strengthening of state, municipal and federal governments; fosters the participation of the private banking sector and institutional investors in infrastructure projects; and assists municipalities and entities unable to obtain private financing. Banobras mainly supports projects in the areas of transport infrastructure, power generation, wastewater treatment plants, and urban transport, among others.

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