Save the date: Do business with the Mexican pig industry

Join the Danish pavilion at Oporpa’s annual porcine congress 23 - 26 October 2019 - a unique window of opportunity to showcase your technology, solutions & know-how in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.


The Embassy of Denmark in Mexico and the Confederation of Danish Industry along with our trusted partner OPORPA, the largest Mexican Organisation for Pork Producers, are honoured to invite Danish companies to join the annual OPORPA conference in October 2019. OPORPA and the Embassy of Denmark in Mexico have developed a unique and trusted partnership.

OPORPA represents 80% of Mexican pork producers, and links the porcine sector in the different states, also with government agencies and officials. The annual conference is the biggest and most important event in the Mexican porcine sector. Significant Mexican and Latin American producers and related industry visit the conference and the trade fair.

The large-scale Mexican pig producers invest heavily in new solutions and technologies to comply with rising demand from their home and export markets.

This is a unique opportunity to network, and have B2B meetings with key companies and producers. 

Join the Danish pavilion

Denmark is the special invited partner country for this year’s OPORPA conference. It is the first time that OPORPA invites a partner country, and we are honoured to participate.

This means that there will be a general presentation at the stage of the Danish experience within pig production, emphasizing the strongholds provided by the Danish industry. As part of this, the Embassy and DI will host a Danish Pavilion at the trade fair, where you can join with a stand and do B2B.

The Danish Pavilion will represent the Danish approach to porcine production and highlight Danish strongholds. Denmark is well known and recognized as a frontrunner in porcine production, and Danish companies are famous for their innovative products, technology and expertise in Mexico. At the fair we will utilize our strong partnership and cooperation with OPORPA and a wide range of important farmers.

Joining the Danish Pavilion with a stand is a unique opportunity to expose your company’s technology and solutions to the more than 1,600 important farmers participating and visiting the trade fair.

The Ambassador will open the conference with a speech while the rest of the organizing team will join the conference to make everything run smoothly, so you can concentrate on creating new contacts. Moreover, the Embassy team in cooperation with DI will facilitate B2B meetings with important farmers from minimum 5 selected states in Mexico (expected minimum 5-10 farmers per state).

You get

  • An attractive price for a stand in the Danish Pavilion
  • B2B meetings with key companies and producers from 5 key Mexican pig producing states
  • Unique opportunity to network with important companies and producers, and OPORPA State Representatives 
  • Access to the conference and trade fair that gather all the key players in the Mexican porcine sector


Click at the 'Invitation' to find more information. Please indicate your interest by sending an e-mail to Emil Stub, DI, no later than 21 June 2019. You find his contact information below. You can also sign up by contacting either Jacob Green (+52 (55) 5408 0261) at jacgre@um.dk or Mariana Garay (+52 (55) 8018 2029) at margar@um.dk, Embassy of Denmark in Mexico.




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