Post-tour: Sustainable cities Chile

With one of the highest urbanization rates in the world Chile is facing urgent challenges to develop infrastructure, water management etc. Join this business delegation to meet decision-makers in both the public and private city development in Santiago de Chile 20 - 22 March, 2019.

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The Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Embassy in Chile hereby invite your company to join a business delegation travelling to Santiago de Chile to connect suppliers, buyers and financiers at the same table.

You can join directly from the Danish State Visit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark – or take part in this delegation separately.

Chile has some of the largest urban populations in Latin America and some of the most densely populated urban areas in the region. The urban sprawl of the country’s two capitals, Santiago and Valparaiso, compose some of the largest in the region. City development poses challenges at the planning level, and the authorities are working on addressing the needs.

By joining, your company will get a unique opportunity to discuss your solutions with the government, city authorities, major developers and international finance institutions, who are all interested in meeting Danish companies, who can provide solutions to create urban development projects in Chile.

At the Sustainable City Solutions Seminar with representatives from the local ministries, city authorities from Santiago de Chile, organizations, developers and other relevant business associations, you will get a platform for your company to present your solutions and address local questions and concerns.  

To address more specific existing business opportunities, meetings will be organised in Santiago to provide insights into business opportunities, focusing on concrete planned investment projects with both public authorities and private developers.

City authorities and project developers in Chile are looking for demonstrated, workable solutions with a proven successful track record including planning, design and technologies. The delegation will be relevant for companies working within:

  • Water
  • Climate adaptation
  • Waste management
  • Resources & environment
  • Sustainable transportation and infrastructure
  • Urban planning.

Read more about the Chilean market and proram of the delegation in the attached invitation.

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