The Cuban Market & Partnership Opportunities

The Confederation of Danish Industry invites you to partake in our webinar focusing on the current market situation in Cuba, as well as an overview of the business opportunities that the Cuban market pose for Danish companies. Moreover, the webinar seeks to facilitate partnerships between Danish Companies and Cuban stakeholders.

The Cuban economy is still affected by the embargo imposed by the United States. While Cuba had been suffering from tighter US sanctions introduced by the Trump administration, Washington is expected to loosen trade and travel restrictions under President Joe Biden, going back to Barack Obama's policies, favouring tourism and investment, and re-authorising foreign currency remittances sent by expatriates from the U.S.A to Cuba. In 2020, the Cuban economy was hit hard not only by the economic crisis caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by the weight of U.S. sanctions and an extensive decline in tourism - causing GDP to contract by an estimated 8% (Coface). However, the economy is expected to recover in 2021 - when GDP should grow 2%.

Join this webinar focusing on two main sectors in Cuba, Agribusiness and Industry respectively. During the webinar we will have high-level opening and afterwards split the session into the two tracks. Here Danish companies and Cuban stakeholders will have the opportunity to engage in a further dialogue on partnerships etc.

Agenda (CET):

15:00   Welcome by Jens Holst-Nielsen, Market Director, DI

15:05   Remarks by the Cuban Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, Roger López García

15.15   Intervention by the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba, Celia M. Labora Rodríguez

15:30   Meet Cuban companies within Agribusiness and Industry (2-3 min. pitch)

16:05   Dialogue and Q&A

16.30   Closing remarks

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