Waste Expo Brazil & Fenasan Water Expo - São Paulo, Brazil

Participate in the Pavilion of Denmark at either Waste Expo Brazil or Fenasan Water Expo as the two events take place side-by-side in Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, Brazil.

Foto: Pexels

To build a bridge for the Danish Companies to explore the market potential in the Brazilian Waste Management and Water Management sectors, the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Royal Danish Consulate General in São Paulo have partnered up to promote Market Development activities in Brazil, opening new opportunities for Danish companies.

The Brazilian Landscape

Waste management

  • The Royal Danish Consulate General in São Paulo is working with the Secretariat for Climate Change in the city of São Paulo on a study to demonstrate Danish technologies in the organic waste management sector.
  • Furthermore, the Royal Danish Consulate General in São Paulo is in close dialogue with municipalities such as Curitiba and Brasilia regarding Waste management contracts that are to be renewed in the coming years.
  • The Danish Embassy in Brazil and different states, such as Rio de Janeiro and Paraná are discussing or have already established MoUs to incentivize the Waste Management sectors.
  • Currently, the vast majority of urban waste generated in Brazil is sent to landfills with no pre-treatment of any sort. On the other hand, important policies have been implemented in the waste sector, such as Carbon credit for bio energy (RenovaBio), and regulation allowing biomethane into the natural gas grid.

Water solutions

  • Less than 50% of the Brazilian population has access to a wastewater system.
  • Major cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro suffer from pollution problems in their main water bodies. On the other hand, São Paulo has been implementing ambitious infrastructure projects to clean its rivers and provide better services.
  • Recent regulation allowed private companies to provide water and wastewater services to cities, in the form of utility concession contracts.
  • Such contracts forecast the improvement of services, including Circular economy projects in the WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant);
  • Water contracts have been awarded to private entities in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Maceió.

Program of Visit

You will be part of a 4-day programme and get the below package
  • Oct 1 - Arrival in Curitiba
  • Oct 2 - Meeting with Curitiba Secretariat for Waste Management; Flight to São Paulo
  • Oct 3 - Waste Expo & Fenasan Water Expo in São Paulo (Danish Showcase)
  • Oct 4 - Waste Expo & Fenasan Water Expo in São Paulo (Danish Showcase)
  • Oct 5 – Waste Expo & Fenasan Water Expo in São Paulo (Danish Showcase)
  • Oct 6 – Meeting with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment and regulatory agencies on Waste management and Sanitation

The Danish Pavilions include:

  • A turn-key and full-service exhibition area and individual exhibition stands incl.:
    • Furniture
    • Lights and power consumption
    • On-site assistance during the exhibition
    • Build-up and demolition of exhibition stand
  • Inclusion in the official show catalogue
  • Events in the Danish Area
  • Coordination of services provided by the organisers
  • Coordination of joint travel and hotel

The Exhibitions

Waste Expo Brazil or Fenasan Water Expo are two integrated fairs with more than 30 thousand sqm of exhibition area in the  Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, Brazil.

Waste Expo Brasil 2023

The largest trade show in Latin America solely focused on recycling, public cleaning, solid waste management and waste to energy, Waste Expo Brasil 2023 will bring together local and global leading companies solely focused on Recycling, Public Cleaning, Solid Waste Management and Waste to Energy.  In the 2022 edition, Waste Expo counted around 150 brands from all over the world, and a diverse profile of visitors.

Waste Expo Brasil: Home (wasteexpo.com.br)

34th Fenasan - National Sanitation and Environment Fair

The National Sanitation and Environment Fair – Fenasan and the 34th AESabesp Technical Meeting (October 3 to 5, at Pavilhão Branco, Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo), the biggest sanitation event in Latin America, and will be even bigger in 2023.

The central theme of this edition is “Environmental Sanitation in the Globalization of Sustainable Development”. Traditionally with an audience of 22,000 visitors and in line with the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN and the concepts of ESG, the 2023 edition will continue to expand the dialogue around the issues of environmental sanitation, environment and sustainability, and promote the sharing of highly qualified knowledge.

The event will bring together experts and professionals with a high level of knowledge, such as engineers, chemists, biologists, technicians, researchers, managers, and entrepreneurs who work in environmental sanitation and, in general, all people interested in advancing the application of knowledge from engineering and technological innovations in the sector.

Fenasan: AESabesp Technical Meeting – Fenasan – Largest sanitation event in Latin America