Seminar: Denmark’s next big export adventure within Power-to-X

Paving the way for a leading Danish-German export collaboration on Power-to-X

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The brand-new proposal for a PtX-strategy places export of Danish PtX-technologies as one of the national benchmarks for the country’s green transition by 2030. 

Recent PtX-analyses underline the promising potential for hydrogen and PtX-exports to neighbouring countries like Germany. Already today, Germany has a hydrogen demand of 55 TWh, which is estimated to rise to 110 TWh by 2030. In order to live up to this rising demand, the new German government has announced the establishment of 10GW national electrolysis capacity up to 2030. Moreover, the German hydrogen strategy has set out 15 bill. kr. to establish energy partnerships for the import of hydrogen and PtX-products.

These plans harbour a huge export potential for Danish companies along the entire hydrogen value chain – from technologies for hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia production, to the establishment of PtX-infrastructure for direct export of hydrogen to Germany.

The Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce are therefore organising a seminar on February 1st, 2022 to pave the way for a leading Danish-German export collaboration on PtX, making the huge German market potential and state-of-the-art Danish PtX-technology meet.

At the seminar, we are presenting and discussing Germany’s market potentials for PtX and how Danish companies can leverage on these potentials with PtX-solutions customised to German demands.

Do you want to become part of Denmark’s next big export adventure? Then sign up for the ride. You can find the programme for the seminar below.


    • 13:00 Introduction by DI and Trade Council Hamburg

    • 13:10 Intro to the German P2X market

      Tara Sabbagh Amirkhizi, Commercial Advisor, Danish Trade Council in Hamburg

    • 13:40 Practical remarks on delegation

      Stella Bücker, Global Market Adviser, The Confederation of Danish Industry

    • 13:50 Interactive Workshop on the upcoming delegation visit to Hamburg: Objectives, Stakeholders, Value proposition/system solution

    • 14:30 Q&A

    • 14:40 Coffee Break

    • 15:00 Introduction

      Reiner Perau, CEO, Danish German Chamber of Commerce and Troels Ranis, Director, DI Energy

    • 15:10 Key Note: Perspectives on Green Hydrogen in Denmark and Germany

      Jens-Peter Saul, CEO, Rambøll

    • 15:30 Danish PtX-Strategy and Collaboration Perspectives with Germany

      Kim Grøn Knudsen, Executive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe & Chairman of DI Energy’s advisory board on PtX / CCSU

    • 15:45 Hydrogen Overview in the Hamburg Metroplitan Area - Status Quo and Policy Developments

      Jan Rispens, Managing Director, Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency

    • 16:00 Hydrogen Projects for the Transformation of the Industry and Transportation Sector

      Jan Gratenau, Head of Product Development & Customer Solutions, E.ON HanseWerk

    • 16:15 Dialogue: Perspectives on development and collaboration within PtX

    • 16:45 End of meeting

Read more and sign-up to the the Power-To-X and Sector Coupling Delegation to Hamburg below