E-commerce in Poland and Ukraine

The Confederation of Danish industry, The Danish Embassy in Poland, and the Danish Embassy in Ukraine invite you to partake in the webinar, E-commerce in Poland and Ukraine. Join to get an expert overview of the market opportunities within E-commerce in both Poland and Ukraine - also considering the shadow of Covid-19.

E-commerce in Poland is continuously growing larger and larger. Last year, in 2020, the number of online purchases reached an all-time high, while the small and medium-sized companies that make up the polish E-commerce market estimated sales of 100 billion PLN, which corresponds to almost 22 billion euros. Nearly 80 percent of polish internet users make online purchases, with the most popular product categories being clothing, consumer electronics, furniture, food, and toys. However, only 30 percent Poles buy from cross-border E-commerce shops, such as Amazon and eBay.

E-commerce in Ukraine also indicate high levels of growth. In fact, Ukraine’s E-commerce sector grew with 42 percent in 2019 and in the shadow of Covid-19 grew even further. During this time, 15 percent of online users increased their online buying habits. Overall, the most popular product categories are consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture, clothing and toys. It is especially the younger generation within Ukraine who turn to E-commerce, with the price being the main determinant. Some of the most popular E-commerce websites in Ukraine are Apple.com, makeup.com.ua, and apteka911.com.ua.


11:00-11.10 Welcome by the Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Embassy in Poland, and the Danish Embassy in Ukraine

11:10-11.25  Key Speaker: Michał Płotnicki, Associate Partner, Ernst & Young Poland

  1. Overview of the market
    1. Market value & volumes
    2. How consumers shop online, their habits
  2. Merchants
    1. Segmentation of the market
    2. Key players
  3. Marketplaces
    1. Segmentation of the market
    2. Key players
  4. E-commerce ecosystem
    1. Payment conditions
    2. Deliveries conditions
    3. Others
  5. Key trends
    1. What and how has changed in online trading during Covid-19 

11:25-11:30 Q&A

11:30-11:55 Key Speaker: Andrii Pavlenko, Director on Consulting, Deloitte & Touche

  1. Overview of the Ukrainian market
    1. E-commerce figures and trends
    2. Consumer behavior, popular categories
  2. Marketplaces
    1. Key operators and market share
  3. E-commerce ecosystem
    1. Delivery and customs clearance
    2. Getting on board, use of warehouses
    3. Contracting with e-marketplaces
  4. Key trends
    1. Opportunities for newcomers during pandemic times

11:55-12:00 Q&A

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