Greenland Conference 2020

As political focus from global superpowers is increasing in the Arctic, business opportunities in the region are expanding.

In the coming years there will be investments within connectivity and construction, and entrepreneurs will create exciting, new companies. However, the dark clouds of Corona still loom over the Greenlandic economy, meaning that it is now more important than ever to highlight the potentials in the Arctic.

This year the Greenland Conference will both be offered on a equal virtual and physical basis.

At the Greenland Conference 2020, you will have the chance to hear from the largest Pension fund in Denmark, Munck Group, the company responsible for the construction of the new airports in Nuuk, and the CEO for Terma, an organisation helping to provide situational awareness in the entire Arctic region.

Sign up now for the Confederation of Danish Industry’s annual Greenland Conference in Copenhagen on December 9th 2020. The event will be both physical and virtual due to current government restrictions and health precautions regarding Covid-19.

Attend this event if you want to listen to leading experts on business opportunities in Greenland, gain an insight into the potential for future investments, and hear from policymakers from Denmark and abroad.