Digital Meeting with ACEA and CAP: The leading water suppliers in Italy

Create relations to ACEA & CAP while you get insights into the challenges and future investment plans within water management in the regions of Campania, Lazio, Lombardy, Tuscany, and Umbria

You have a unique opportunity to meet with ACEA and CAP who supply 11 million people with water every day. Yet, ACEA has big challenges in reducing water leakage, which in Rome hovers around 30% and just to maintain the piping and network ACEA invests 500 mEUR per year. ACEA is interested in finding partners who they can work with on solving this and other problems, while CAP plans investments of more than 500 mEUR in 2018-2022.

ACEA and CAP are usually not very accessible, but with this digital meeting we have opened the doors, and hopefully we can pave the way for future collaboration between the leading Italian water suppliers and Danish water companies.


With this digital export activity, we organize a B2B-platform which is highly focused on promoting Danish companies’ world class know-how within water management and with the purpose to position this know-how advantageously on the Italian market. By participating in this meeting, you will get

  • To meet relevant officials and decision-makers from ACEA and CAP 
  • Insights into the water challenges perceived in Italy
  • Insights into the latest development and future investments within the water sector in Italy
  • To be a part of an aggregate effort to showcase and substantiate that Danish strongholds within the industry are world-class
  • To be featured in a company catalogue provided to the water suppliers prior the meeting
  • To take advantage of the digital setup in these changing times

The meeting is organized by the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Royal Danish Embassy in Rome in cooperation with State of Green with subsidy from the Danish Trade Council.


The meeting is relevant for companies within water management:

  • Water leakage and urban solutions
  • Wastewater to energy
  • Water efficiency and conversation
  • Water resource management
  • Critical infrastructures like water and cyber security


10:00   Welcome and moderation
Jens Holst Nielsen, Director, Global Market Development at the Confederation of Danish Industry

10:05   Introduction to Danish strongholds within the water sector
Tanya Gottlieb Jacobsen, Deputy Director, State of Green

10:15   Introduction to the Italian water sector
Jørn Bang Andersen, Trade Commissioner, The Royal Danish Embassy in Rome

10:25   What are the next steps and future investments to improve the water management system?
Michele Sartori, Head of Design and Engineering for Maintenance, Acea Ato2 S.p.A.
Michele Falcone, Director for Strategic Development, Gruppo Cap

10:55   Roundtable with the participating Danish companies
Each company provides a short presentation

11:35   Open dialogue
The participants can engage in further dialogue and pose questions 

Introduction to ACEA

ACEA serves 9 million people equivalent to 58,000 km of drinking water network. ACEA manages the integrated water service for 4 regions (Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany and Campania), performing specific activities during every phase of the supply chain. ACEA manages the entire integrated water service cycle: from drinking water adduction and distribution, to waste water collection and treatment. Read more here.

Introduction to CAP

CAP serves more than 2.4 million people and more than 150 municipalities. In 2018-2022, CAP is going to make investments of more than 500 mEUR with an interest in leaks, treatment, and innovation. CAP manages the integrated water service in Lombardy-region consisting of the Milan Metropolitan area, Monza and Brianza, Pavia, Varese, and Como. Read more here.

The Italian water sector in brief

  • Water supply and sanitation in Italy is characterized by mostly good services at prices that are lower than in other European countries with similar income levels. For example, the average monthly residential water and sewer bill in Italy is 20 Euro compared to 31 Euro in France. According to the OECD, water in Italy has been underpriced for a long time.
  • With about 240 liter per day, per capita water use for residential uses in Italy is higher than in Spain or in France, where it is about 160 liter per day.
  • Water resources in Italy are distributed unevenly, with more abundant resources in the North and scarcer resources in the South.
  • About one third of the water withdrawn for municipal supply is not billed to the customers because of leakage and malfunctioning water meters. The efficiency of water and sewer service provision in Italy is low.
  • According to one estimate, the total inefficiencies cost 5 bEUR per year. They include operational inefficiencies of 2 bEUR/year, which consist of poor energy efficiency and high water losses.

What is a Digital Export Activity?

In these changing times, we try to create certain opportunities for Danish companies to increase their exports by setting up digital export activities, where we replicate the meeting forms known from our export delegations. A digital export activity can take several forms: Roundtable meetings with relevant officials and decision-makers, B2B meetings, market briefing webinars, etc.

What are the benefits of participating in a Digital Export Activity?

  • You can participate independent of the development in COVID-19 restrictions
  • It is a cost-efficient way to explore new and maintain existing markets
  • Online meetings are increasingly becoming acknowledged as the first point of relationship-building
  • You have easy access to relevant stakeholders and buyers
  • You will be able to follow-up on the initial relationship-building by participating in real export delegations when possible
  • You get an explicit foundation to leverage upon when you visit export markets


The price is calculated on a fixed number of companies and a 75 per cent subsidy from the Danish Trade Council. If the number of participating companies changes or if the support from the Trade Council is not approved, we reserve the right to offer participation at a different price. Should this result in a higher price than the one quoted you have the right to cancel your participation.

Registration is in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for participation in Export Promotion Events of the Confederation of Danish Industry. Read more.

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