Market visit: Hospitals in Finland

Danish Health Tech Group, in cooperation with Confederation of Danish Industry and the Royal Danish Embassy in Finland, take pleasure in inviting you to join the market visit to Finland 23 - 25 March 2020.

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The hospital sector in Finland 
This market visit will focus on site visits and meetings with key procurement and clinical personnel at two major hospitals in Southern Finland. The group of Danish companies will be limited to a maximum of 10. The hospital meetings will be tailored around the focus areas of Danish participants, as far as possible. In addition, a business networking event with participation of relevant stakeholders from the Finnish healthcare sector will be organized at the Danish residence in Helsinki.

Be part of a small group of Danish suppliers of know-how, technologies and solutions for the hospital sector who will visit Finnish hospitals and meet with key industry organisations and other relevant contacts in the market.

Participating in this 2-3 day market visit is your opportunity to:

  • meet the right people in the Finnish hospital sector 
  • find or maintain the right business partners 
  • promote your capabilities
  • investigate interest and opportunities 
  • gain access to and understanding of the market 

At the same time, the visit is an excellent opportunity to find inspiration to develop your business strategy by sharing your experience with the other participating companies.

The market 
Health spending per capita in Finland has gone up over the past 10 years and is slightly above the EU average. However, the public spending on health and long-term care as a share of GDP is expected to increase in the future, due to an aging population and slow economic growth.

Therefore, the need of efficiency gains in health and long-term care delivery are in high demand, so these services remain affordable in the future.

Why participate 
The Meilahti Hospital in Helsinki, part of Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), is the largest hospital cluster in Finland, and a new building, the Bridge Hospital, is currently under construction. Getting in touch with clinical decision makers and procurement at HUS as well as at Tampere University Hospital is the key focus of this market visit. 

Moreover, as a participant you will:

  • Gain access to relevant departments and personnel at these hospitals
  • Learn about new hospital projects and expansion of existing ones
  • Gain an understanding of the decision making process as regards specification, supplier-selection and purchasing
  • Seize the opportunity to pitch your capabilities to the decision makers
  • Find inspiration to fine-tune your export strategy by sharing knowledge with the other participating companies

Join the program and strengthen your chances of becoming a supplier and expanding your sales to customers in the Finnish hospital sector.

DKK 14,900 pr. company excl. VAT, subject to min. 7 participating companies and pending grants from The Trade Council of Denmark. The price is excl. flights and accommodation.

Max. 2 participants pr. company. You are welcome to participate together with a local partner, or even let the partner represent you.

Prices include ground transport, lunches and one dinner. 

Deadline for signing up: 30 January 2020 (subject to available places).

Further contact 
Please do not hesitate to contact Thomas Andersen, Head of Health Tech at Danish Export, at thomas.andersen@dk-export.dk or +45 2447 8502, for further information.