BUSINESS ROUND TABLE - North Macedonian companies looking for Danish partners

Join us at a business round table on 20 May 2022 about the business opportunities in North Macedonia. Meet the Deputy President of North Macedonia and a group of North Macedonian companies looking for Danish partners. The Ambassador of North Macedonia to Denmark will also take part in in the meeting.

Foto: Shutterstock

The Republic of North Macedonia gained independence in 1991. The country has a population of 1,8 million people of which 600.000 live in the capital of Skorpje. North Macedonia is a member of NATO, of the UN and of the WTO. North Macedonia is a candidate for joining the European Union, and accession negotiations started in 2020.   

    • 10:00 Welcome and introduction

      by Mr Jens Holst-Nielsen, Director, Global Trade and Market Development, DI

    • 10:10 Remarks

      by H.E. The Deputy President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr Fatmir Bitikji. Mr Fatmir Bitikji is responsible for economic affairs, coordination of economic sectors and investments.

    • 10:20 Short presentations

      by the participating companies from North Macedonia and Danish side.

    • 11:00 Open discussion

      on opportunities for strengthening the business relations between North Macedonia and Denmark