Hydrogen and Energy Transition in Poland

Meet Polish authorities, investors and business representatives for an update and dialogue on Poland’s ambitions and plans for hydrogen and the wider energy transition. Learn more about future business opportunities in Poland.

Join us at the seminar on 31 May 2022 about the latest plans and investments in the hydrogen and energy transition in Poland.

The aim of the seminar is to identify the potential for a deeper Polish-Danish energy cooperation, taking as a starting point the new opportunities in hydrogen technology in Poland and Denmark and the linkages to other important energy sources such as wind energy and gas.

What are the possible areas of further collaboration? And what are the challenges?

Leading Polish and Danish decision makers and experts in the energy sector will present their views, and we will look at hydrogen and related energy technologies both in Poland and Denmark.

The potential for integrating further wind energy, both from onshore and offshore sources, in the Polish energy system – adding to the hydrogen potential – will be discussed.

In addition, you will get an up-date on the Baltic Pipe project, which is scheduled to open in the autumn of 2022 – a prime example of Polish Danish collaboration within energy linking the two energy communities and paving the way for even stronger future collaboration.

Join the seminar to get the latest updates, take part in the dialogue and engage in networking with Polish and Danish energy partners.


    • 13:00 Opening remarks

      By Mr Troels Ranis, Director, Danish Energy Industries Federation, DI Energy and H.E. the Ambassador of Poland Mr Antoni Fałkowski

    • 13:10 Poland’s Hydrogen Strategy towards 2030

      By Mr Szymon Byliński, Director, Electromobility and Hydrogen Economy, Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland

    • 13:25 Polish power system – security of supply, greening and innovating

      By prof. Leszek Jesień, Director of the Department of International Cooperation, PSE Innovation

    • 13:45 Danish PtX Strategy and a Danish company perspective

      By Mr Kim Grøn Knudsen, Group Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S . Followed by Q&A .

    • 14.00 4th Gas Package - Opportunities and Challenges

      By Ms Aleksandra Świderska, Vice-Director of the Electric Power Engineering and Gas Department, Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment

    • 14:10 Coffee and networking

    • 14:20 The Baltic Pipe project and perspectives for further Danish Polish energy cooperation

      By Mr Sławomir Sieradzki, Director International Cooperation Department, Gaz System and Mr Torben Brabo, Senior Vice President, Energinet

    • 14:45 The possible role of wind resources in Poland’s energi mix

      By Mr. Dariusz Lociński, CEO, PGE Baltica. Followed by Q&A.

    • 15:00 Closing Remarks

      By Mr. Troels Ranis, Director, Danish Energy Industries Federation, DI Energy

    • 15.10 Networking and a glass of wine