SportsTech Denmark: Kick-off meeting

Take part in the launch of the new network for Sports Technology: SportsTech Denmark!

Calling all companies and start-ups working within Sports Technology. Dansk Industri, Dansk Design Center, and Idrættens Innovationslab invite you to take part in the launch of the new network for Sports Technology: SportsTech Denmark.

We are very proud to announce that HE The Crown Prince of Denmark will participate in the launch of the network.

SportsTech Denmark is a new network for all companies, start-ups, and stakeholders working with solutions for sports. When being a member, you can participate in 3 annual network meetings focusing on different topics relevant to the industry as the latest trends, sports data or export tools. The network meetings’ focus will differ from event to event.

You will also get the opportunity to meet stakeholders, companies, and start-ups within sports and sports technology, share knowledge and experiences while hopefully paving the way for new collaborations across sports and business.

Eventually, you will be able to access commercial guidance as a member of the network.

It is free of charge to be a member of SportsTech Denmark, which allows you to make use of the before mentioned membership benefits.

Sports Technology (SportsTech) is a broad sector consisting of companies serving different parts of the sports value chain. While there is a large focus on traditional sports in leagues, teams, and advertising, niches in the sports technology sector are developing rapidly. Thus, the SportsTech sector spans from the more traditional solutions for athletes, arenas, and sports events to solutions within

• Social & Fan engagement
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Data analytics
• E-sports
• Virtual reality / augmented reality
• E-sports
• Security
• E-commerce

On a global level, the SportsTech industry has an expected valuation of approx. 80 million US dollars in 2020. In the industry, there are 5,200 SportsTech-start-ups registered globally, while 1,500 of the start-ups are located in Europe. 

Denmark has strong facilitation of sports. DIF represents 1.9 million members, 345,000 volunteers and several events for both professional and amateur sports. In relation to this, Idrættens Innovationslab aims to support innovation collaborations between businesses and sports, strengthening both growth and employment among Danish companies and Danish sports.