Reconstruction Ukraine

Foto: GettyImages

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in devastating damage. An ongoing study from the Kyiv School of Economics calculates that every week, Ukraine suffers about USD 4.5 billion worth of damage to the civilian infrastructure. It is expected that the country's total economic losses from the war could rise to around USD 600 billion. Hence, the need for reconstruction is going to be vast and will take several years to complete. However, it is not something that can wait for the war to end.

At this early stage of the reconstruction process, the Confederation of Danish Industry would like to provide Danish companies with a first glimpse of where the process is heading. The webinar will consist of insights from key stakeholders on the ground combined with interventions by Danish companies already operating in Ukraine.


    • 08:00 Welcome

      Jens Holst-Nielsen, DI

    • 08:05 Introductory Remarks

      Mykhailo Vydoinyk, Ukraine's ambassador to Denmark

    • 08:15 Introductory Remarks

      Ole Egberg, Denmark’s ambassador to Ukraine

    • 08:25 View from the ground

      Oleksandr Senkevych, Mayor of Mykolaiv

    • 08:35 Framework & Timeline for Reconstruction

      Ihor Korkhovyi, Deputy Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine on European Integration

    • 08:45 The Ukrainian industrial sector

      Ruslan Illichov, Secretary General, Federation of Employers of Ukraine

    • 08:55 Industry and Buildings

      Andriy Berestyan, General Manager, Danfoss

    • 09:05 Infrastructure

      Peter Godrim, Vice President, Per Aarsleff

    • 09:15 Questions & Answers

    • 09:25 Concluding Remarks