MARKETS IN THE SHADOW OF COVID-19: Relief Packages in the Nordics

WEBINAR: A status on and insights into the relief packages in Finland, Norway and Sweden provided by experts from Magnusson Law

The COVID-19 outbreak is jolting markets, disrupting supply chains and is causing significant uncertainty for businesses and decision-makers around the world.

The Confederation of Danish Industry is organizing a series of webinars where our member companies can get updated from local experts on current market situations, business outlook and what lies behind the shadow of COVID-19.

This webinar offers you insights into the current situation regarding relief packages as a consequence of COVID-19 in our fellow Nordic countries: Finland, Norway, and Sweden, which constitutes great importance for Danish companies and Danish exports in general.


14.00 Welcome: Jens Holst Nielsen, Director, International Trade & Market Development, DI and Sam Jalaei, Partner, Magnusson Law, Denmark

14.05 Sweden: Eric Cederström and Magdalena Berg, Magnusson Law, Sweden  
Presentation and Q&A

14.35 Break

14.45 Norway: Kaja Kapstad, Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS, Norway  
Presentation and Q&A

15.15 Break

15.25 Finland: Heikki Wide and Ville Salonen, Magnusson Law, Finland  
Presentation and Q&A

15.55 Webinar concludes