Navigating Infrastructure Opportunities in Ukraine via Prozorro (Please note changed date - now 18 June)

Join the Danish Ukrainian Business Council for an engaging session on business opportunities available in Ukraine's water and electricity sectors through the Prozorro platform.

This webinar will provide you with essential insights into how Prozorro can serve as your gateway to engaging with public sector opportunities in the critical areas of water and electricity infrastructure. Discover how your business can benefit from the transparant and competitive environment fostered by Prozorro. Members of The Danish Ukrainian Business Council will be able to get further assistance in regard to Prozorro as well as direct assistance from our local partners in Ukraine. 

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Webinar Agenda

    • 10:30

      Welcome Address by Peter Helk, Leading Senior Advisor, DI

    • 10:35

      Insights from Bo Eske Nyhus, Investment Director, NEFCO

    • 10:45

      Overview of Prozorro by Mykola Tkachenko, Director of Prozorro

    • 11:00

      Commentary on Maintaining Business Integrity TBC

    • 11:10

      Q&A Session

Prozorro, Ukraine's public procurement system, has been pivotal in facilitating access to public tenders, significantly contributing to the country’s infrastructure development. With the platform handling over 20,000 successful auctions in 2023 alone, it represents a vital tool for businesses looking to participate in Ukraine's growing infrastructure projects.

The Danish Ukrainian Business Council is committed to promoting ethical business practices and facilitating market access. By uniting industry leaders and key stakeholders, we aim to foster partnerships that adhere to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

We encourage all companies' participation to this important dialogue and look forward to the discussion. 

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Mykola Tkachenko

Mykola Tkachenko is the head of the state enterprise "Prozorro" as of March 24, 2023. He has held various leadership positions in the IT departments of leading Ukrainian companies across various economic sectors, including PBG Kovalska, Astarta-Kyiv, and Kyivstar. Tkachenko has expressed his admiration for the idea of Prozorro since its inception and is committed to continuing its mission to break corruption in state tenders and enhance the system's technology and user-friendliness.

Bo Eske Nyhus

Bo E. Nyhus, Investment Director, NEFCO, has, in different capacities, been involved professionally in Ukraine since 1997. The last 12 years Bo has worked for NEFCO, which is recognized as an IFI in Ukraine . NEFCO has financed and implemented more than 100 municipal projects in Ukraine prior to the war and has, after the war, increased it activities within the municipal sector. NEFCO is currently implementing projects in Ukraine for EU and for the Nordic Governments, among them projects financed by DSIF and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.