The Grand Danish Water Day

Over the past few years, The Danish Water Industries Federation has worked for a comprehensive national growth plan for the Danish Water Sector. The need to accelerate and speed up the national prioritization of the Danish Water Sector is at the top of our agenda. On the “Grand Danish Water Day”, we will put a spotlight on just that. We will tie together inspiration from abroad with domestic perspectives.


The day will be characterized by an open mind. We will hear from - and discuss with - our Danish Minister for Environment on how he will boost growth and exports in the Danish Water Sector.

Members of Parliament from the Liberal Party and the Alternative Party will follow up and debate what is important for water and how we can leverage our national strengths.

Then we will draw inspiration from our close friends and competitors from the Netherlands – what are they doing right? And should we cooperate more and compete less to accelerate our strongholds?

We will get a perspective from one of our most important overseas markets, China, which is also our second largest export market. What is cooking there – and how do we embrace it in a national growth plan?

Hopefully, the day will give us inspiration - and perhaps a clearer picture - of what we need to prioritize in a national growth plan for the Danish water sector to safeguard our world-leading position in water.