DI's Leadership Training Programme

This course is created for the English-speaking manager who wants to know more about crucial people management tools in the Danish context – such as Change Management and Team Management. Completing the programme, will provide you with the crucial competencies necessary for succeeding as a manager in a Danish company.

Your leadership reality is the starting point for the course and we aim to provide you with the right tools to handle it. This mirrors the course’s purpose, which is to supply you with knowledge and specific managerial tools to create or enhance the necessary leadership actions to the benefit of your company. Additionally, you will gain an insight into your own personal preferences as a manager: How do I like to organize my work and how does it effect my workplace relations.

The purpose of the Leadership Training Programme is to strengthen your ability to lead and create business results with your team in a culture different from what you are accustomed to.

Understand the Danish Culture

As an important part of the Leadership Training Programme, you will expand your understanding of the cultural differences and how to utilise these differences to create value in your everyday work. Likewise, training sessions during the course will help you anchor your new knowledge as ready-to-use competencies. Through active training sessions, you are offered the possibility to practice structured feedback as a development tool.

Finally, but equally important, you will build a personal and confidential network with other English-speaking managers in Denmark.

You will gain a stronger insight into and understanding of the Danish culture of leadership.

Content of The Leadership Training Programme

You will receive a three-module training of three days each, which methodically builds on the very popular leadership training for Danish managers provided for years by the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Module 1 - Personal Leadership in a Danish context

  • The Danish Model and Labour Market
  • Global Mindset
  • Danish Work Culture
  • Personal Preferences - JTI
  • Cultural Differences
  • Situational Leadership
  • Feedback as a Leadership Tool

Module 2 - Change Management

  • Leading Change
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Managing Conflicts

Module 3 - Leading (International) Teams

  • Leading International Teams
  • Practical Leadership Training
  • Feedback and Learning

What to take home

The Leadership Training Programme offers you and your company the acquisition of key leadership understanding, necessary for delivering the expected result together with your employees in a Danish workday context.

The Leadership Training Programme in Danish

We have a Danish version of our Leadership Training Programme. You can read more and sign op by following the link below.

DI's lederuddannelse

Susanne Boss


Susanne is our secretary of this course. If you have any questions please contact her.

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Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard


Danielle has many years of experience with management development and she is a former leader.
She is a graduate of cand.merc. and has supplemented this with, among other things, a process consultant education and a Master in Management Development.
She is the author of a range of books on recognition and relational leadership, global management, HR and organisational development, and is particularly strong in the leadership of relationships and performance creation. Regardless of what job she has had, leadership has always been a focus area and she is passionate about creating the movement and development of managers and management teams that make them succeed as best as possible, using their resources and employees’ resources in the best way.

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Christine Secher


Christine has many years of experience with management development and change processes. She has, among other things, supported managers in dealing with major changes, leadership training, personal leadership and provided management coaching and contributed to the development of management teams. Christine is a very experienced facilitator of change and development processes. She has a high theoretical level and has a great ability to transform theory into concrete initiatives in practice. Christine is a graduate of cand.merc. and has supplemented this with a Ph.D. within technology-driven organisational development.

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