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Online-meeting: Learn about the market characteristics and opportunities, while obtaining insights from JD Healthcare and Pressalit

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In cooperation with the Danish Trade Council in Australia and Healthcare Denmark, we invite Danish companies to this online meeting. The Trade Council will provide their latest analysis of the market, while you will learn from two companies, who already operate in the market. During the meeting, you are more than welcome to engage with questions of particular interest for your business area.

Meeting agenda

  • Introduction and moderation by Jens Holst Nielsen, Director, Global Market Development at the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)
  • Presentation of the Australian healthcare market by Michelle Carden, Senior Commercial Advisor, The Danish Trade Council in Australia
  • Insights on the Australian market as seen from a distributor of medical products in Australia, by Etienne Reiss, Director of Sales and Marketing, JD Healthcare Group
  • Insights on the Australian market as seen from a Danish company in Australia by Tim Knowles, Sales Manager Australia and New Zealand
  • Open dialogue and Q&A

Introduction to the Danish Trade Council in Australia

Australia is a mature and competitive market for medical equipment and services. Australians demand state-of-the-art medical treatment, which drives demand for high quality, innovative medical products, 95% of which are imported. The Australian government has announced a record budget for healthcare spending for 2021 providing opportunities for Danish companies in the market particularly in the areas of mental health, telehealth and aged care. Australia unlike Europe is largely untouched by community transmission of COVID, which means that even though the border is closed, business is re-opening and the economy is bouncing back. Michelle Carden, the Senior Trade Council Advisor on Health will give her insights into the market and how you can access the Trade Council’s “Boots on the Ground” to capitalize on those opportunities.

Introduction to JD Healthcare Group in Australia

JD Healthcare Group has been operating in Australia for over twenty years as importers of high-end, best in class medical products and devices. They have worked with several Danish companies such as Liftup and Levabo. In March 2020, JD Healthcare merged with Marlin Medical and Statina Healthcare thereby forming JD Healthcare Group and establishing themselves as a national distributor to give them greater coverage across the market. Etienne Reiss will give his insights/perspective from working with Danish companies in the market.

Introduction to Pressalit in Australia

Danish company Pressalit has been producing high quality, innovative bathroom and kitchen solutions for the Australian market for many years. Tim Knowles, the Sales Manager will outline how Danish products are perceived on the Australian market.

The healthcare sector in Australia

Australia’s health system is a complex mix of service providers and other health professionals from a range of organisations—from Australian and state and territory governments and the non-government sector. Collectively, they work to meet the physical and mental health care needs of Australians. The complex structure of Australia’s health system is reflected in its funding arrangements. The health system is funded by Australian and state and territory governments as well as non-government funders such as private health insurers and individuals. The Australian government has prioritized in its healthcare budget telehealth, hospitals, mental health, aged care and preventative health.

Key figures – the healthcare sector in numbers

  • Inhabitants: 25 million
  • Economy: Australia is the 14th largest economy in the world and the 4th largest in Asia/Pacific.
  • Public healthcare spending/budget: $A115 billion/year
    • $2.4 billion for telehealth
    • $33.6 billion for hospitals
    • $5.7 billion for mental health
    • $8 billion for additional aged care
    • $8.4billion for preventative health
  • Private healthcare spending: $9 billion
  • Number of hospitals in Australia: 693 public hospitals and 657 private hospitals

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