PARTNERSHIPS FOR ACTION on RBC and sustainable global value chains

Side-session at the “OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector”

This session will give concrete examples on how to work with Responsible Business Conduct and due diligence through partnerships and collaboration. We will give participants concrete examples and hope to inspire the formation of partnerships and collaborations, as it is our belief that this is the way forward towards a sustainable future.

In Denmark we have a long-standing tradition for collaboration across government, the private sector, academia and civil society. We hope these examples will showcase how these initiatives and projects can bring us together to form better solutions.


Rikke Therkildsen, Regional Sustainability Advisor on Sustainable Global Value Chains
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thomas Skov-Hansen, Head of ESG and Sustainability, Danish Industry
Jesper Nielsen, Head of the International department, United Federation of Workers in Denmark (3F)
Peter Rosborg, Sector Manager, Danish Technological Institute
Julie Brender Trads, Project Manager, Danish Technological Institute


    • Welcome and introduction to the session

    • Case 1: Sustainable Global Value Chain initiative, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Internal compentence building and global advisory for Danish Companies

    • Case 2: Partnership on Economic Diplomacy, by Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), United Federation of Workers in Denmark (3F) - Improving collaboration between Danish SMEs and Turkish suppliers and promoting social dialogue. The partnership had a focus on the textile industry.

    • Case 3: Using Partnerships to push technological evolution towards a circular textile industry, by the Danish Technological Institute - examples of innovation partnerships and projects for technological solutions in the textile production industry.

    • Q&A